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felix mobile: the environment-friendly telco brand

felix mobile, a SIM-only telecommunications brand in Australia, provides one simple plan for customers with a no lock-in contract. The company’s vision is to offer a simple product and easy-to-use digital service and change the way telcos look at its impact on the environment. 

felix mobile is carbon neutral certified and is powered by renewable electricity. “We’ve determined the electricity that’s required to run our business and have thus invested in renewable energy. This is an Australian-first!” said Michael Dominish, Digital Care Lead at felix mobile. “We plant a tree for every month that a customer stays on with our service.”

We spoke to Michael to understand how his team partnered with Freshworks to establish a customer-first and digital-first approach to service in a highly competitive marketplace.

A new entrant in a busy marketplace

The telecommunications marketplace was already saturated with different providers when felix mobile debuted. “We were a new entrant in a busy marketplace with many different providers out there who competed mainly on price and data. What we wanted to do was come up with something that’s really and truly unique.” 

Michael identified ‘digital-first customer service’ as a potential differentiator. “A lot of telcos claim that they offer a digital-first support model, but we wanted to be on the front foot of that by offering an integrated experience for our customers chatting with us via the app.” 

Michael wanted his team to provide local and personalized service to ensure that customers knew felix mobile for their excellent customer service experience. “We want our customer service to be a point of difference. We don’t expect to have a lot of touchpoints with our customers because our product is simple, and sign-up is straightforward, so when we do have those touchpoints, we want to make sure they’re memorable and that customers leave a chat feeling better for it.”

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Setting up a customer-first and digital-first service approach

With a clear understanding of what he wanted to achieve, Michael’s first step was to identify a vendor with the ability to integrate a chat platform with felix’s app. In addition to this, Michael wanted to provide felix’s customers with a seamless omnichannel experience. 

“The ability for us to support customers over the digital channel of their choice, whether that was social media, web support or chat through the felix mobile app, and to have that real integrated view of customers was key.” Michael revealed, “It needed to be a user-friendly platform to administer. We wanted to make adjustments on the fly and manage without a huge enterprise-level support team. With Freshworks, our support model sets us up to do that nicely.”

Working with Freshworks

Michael and his team worked closely with Freshworks to successfully implement Freshdesk Omnichannel. “We have a dedicated support point-of-contact now at Freshworks. They help us get in touch with the right person if we have a problem, and we find that it’s not long before we go from questions to answers.” Michael said. 

One of the most appealing aspects of working with Freshworks for Michael and his team was the problem-solving and customer-first mindset. “We don’t get a lot of ‘no’s, which is refreshing. At felix, we want to do something bold, different, new, and exciting for our customers, so we need our vendors to be thinking the same way we are, which Freshworks has proven so far.”

The platform was also a hit with the team, with many of them jokingly referring to it as the ‘Apple’ of ticketing systems. “Our agents really love Freshdesk Omnichannel because it’s quite simple on the inside. They find Freshdesk Support Desk and Freshdesk Messaging really easy to use, and they don’t have to spend a lot of time understanding the layout - it’s quite straightforward to navigate.”

Maximizing the potential of bot-led customer service

From the start, Michael saw the value in using bots and AI within the support framework. felix mobile started their journey with bots by first setting up a few agent-assist bots internally. Telecommunications organizations have a detailed troubleshooting process; for example, when a customer comes to them with an issue, there are several questions they need to work through to get to the root cause. “We’ve used agent-assist bots to help triage questions, so the bot would suggest prompts to our agent, like ‘ask this if X is a problem, then if the answer is Y, ask that…’ which is really great.”

Currently, around 94% of customers use the chat function to communicate with felix mobile. Michael sees massive potential for time-saving and cost-efficiency by offering customers via these channels the ability to first interact with a chatbot to answer high volume, low complexity questions. The team has been using the first 12 months to learn more about what their customers need and then use that knowledge to power their customer-facing bots. 

“My ethos and approach with bots is: don’t force them on your customers and don’t release them too early. Make sure you spend the time refining and fine-tuning before throwing them at your customers. There’s nothing worse than a bad bot experience.” 

What’s next?

Michael’s aspiration for 2022 is to build out Freshworks’ Bot builder for customers so that they will be able to, if they choose to, go through bot flows to find potential answers to problems they might have. He also plans to continue building on the agent-assist bots they have in place. 

“We feel as though where we are right now, we’re set up for success. It’s only going to get busier and bigger, and I’m excited about partnering with Freshworks to deliver on our digital customer service strategy.” Michael said, “So far, our CSAT rating stands at 4.9 out of 5, which is an excellent early indicator that we’ve set our support up correctly. From here on out, it’s all on us to make sure we continue to see those results.”