First Call Resolution



Company Overview

With a network of over 1550 brokers and a loan book of over $34 billion, Finsure is the fastest growing mortgage aggregator in Australia. The 80-member team at Finsure relies on Freshdesk to support mortgage brokers on a day-to-day basis.


“Nothing worse than a giant mailbox, running your mail client to a grinding halt”

The broker network relies on e-mail as their preferred channel to communicate with the teams at Finsure. In the past, Finsure used multiple shared inboxes to respond to brokers’ queries and requests. The sheer quantity of incoming queries brought their email client to a grinding halt and often impacted employee performance. When the team was having difficulty managing the workload, they realised this was not a scalable option.

The Commissions team manage broker remuneration and receive the highest number of queries. The conversations are sensitive and need to be managed with care. When the Commissions team started struggling to perform their day-to-day operations efficiently, the management at Finsure knew it was time to look for alternatives to shared inboxes. Tristan Delaney, IT Manager at Finsure, responsible for managing projects that enable employees to deliver services to the brokers, was tasked to look for a viable solution.


Moving from chaos to control

The team needed a helpdesk solution that could hold agents and brokers accountable and could provide the conversation history, which was difficult with a shared mailbox. Tristan Delaney, a 15-year veteran in the IT Industry, knew what Finsure needed was a customer service helpdesk. Tristan worked with another helpdesk software provider at his previous organisation before making the switch to Freshdesk.  “In the last six years, I have spent a lot of time on Freshdesk and it’s competitors. When I moved to Finsure, I brought Freshdesk with me. It was a no-brainer” 


“When I moved to Finsure, I brought Freshdesk with me. It was a no-brainer”

“We were struggling with our previous helpdesk supplier’s support team. They were not very responsive to anything outside their box,” said Tristan. Making the switch to Freshdesk, Tristan and his team value the relationship with the Freshdesk customer success team. “I liked having a partner like Freshdesk who respond to requests and if you ever find yourself facing a hurdle, they’ll help you get over it”.


“Ditch your shared mailboxes forever and turn your customer experience with Freshdesk.”

When other teams at Finsure expressed interest in using a helpdesk platform, Tristan investigated a shortlist of vendors. After multiple conversations and trials with Freshdesk and its key competitors, one of the main reasons the teams at Finsure preferred the Freshdesk offering was due to a unique workflow required for their operations. Tristan shared, “When the Freshdesk team came in and helped us configure that very specific scenario, we knew that we were not losing any communication that would otherwise be lost”. Once Finsure saw how much they could accomplish with Freshdesk, they chose to rollout Freshdesk to all the teams that interact with brokers - instead of just the commissions team.


“Freshdesk is a major component at Finsure in how we get to market and sell the product.”

Freshdesk made a significant difference to the team at Finsure. The employees took to Freshdesk’s ‘easy to use’ experience and embraced the new way of working. The new system made the employees more efficient in how they respond to the brokers in a timely manner. It also made their work more enjoyable without the added stress.


“Freshdesk plays a significant role in how we interact with the brokers on a day-to-day basis.”

After several months of using Freshdesk, Tristan and his team have driven an 81% First Call Resolution for the Commissions team and achieved a 94% SLA for the systems support team. They’ve experienced many benefits from the move to Freshdesk:

  • Accountability so no request goes unnoticed
  • Improved collaboration to consult with multiple teams easily
  • Improved efficiency and productivity for teams and processes
  • Customizable workflows to match business processes
  • Ability to view past interactions for reference with ease
  • Reporting on employee productivity


“Freshdesk has eliminated the downtime associated with overloaded email inboxes. Agents now respond in real-time to incoming requests for assistance as opposed to waiting on bloated, shared inboxes”

Tristan Delany

IT Manager