Health & Fitness



  • Inaccurate data and reporting
  • Lack of insights to make critical business decisions
  • Lack of cross-team collaboration
The Freshworks Advantage
  • Advanced analytics for data-powered decision-making
  • AI-powered Freddy bot for scalable self-service and deflection of routine queries
  • Seamless collaboration across teams with Freshconnect


Reduction in ticket volume


About Fitness Passport 

It’s easy to find excuses and allow fitness to take a backseat. Fitness Passport, a corporate health and fitness program, is determined to help its members get back into shape with easy access to a large range of facilities across Australia. The organization works with large eligible businesses to give employees access to a wide range of local health and fitness facilities. 

Implementing Freshdesk for the heavy lifting 

By making gyms more affordable and adding variety into the routine, Fitness Passport’s mission is to keep its members motivated and on top of their fitness regime. To keep this promise, Fitness Passport works with businesses, the fitness facilities, and the members themselves. The need to streamline communications led General Manager of Operations Michael Olson to Freshdesk. Michael was looking for a more reliable replacement for their legacy Salesforce solution. Freshdesk came out on top thanks not only to its powerful capabilities,  but also the experience and trust the Freshworks team established. 

Packing a punch with data

Michael’s biggest issue with his legacy system was the lack of accurate data and reporting. Freshdesk’s advanced analytics, reporting and dashboards have come to Michael’s rescue.  By giving him invaluable insights into what is working for members and what isn’t, Freshdesk allows Michael and his team to make deeper connections with them. It also helps him make critical business decisions by:

  • Assessing resourcing requirements - Michael is able to forecast workloads and plan his staffing requirements accordingly. This helps him ensure that every customer has someone to speak to, even when things get busy. He said, “With Freshdesk’s reporting capabilities I can confidently measure and forecast staffing requirements 12 months down the line with high accuracy.” 
  • Measuring member satisfaction - Michael pulls data to analyze satisfaction levels and identify areas where members are either happy or dissatisfied. He also analyses trends to zero in on common pain points and give members the solution they want. 
Promoting effective self-service

Speaking of what members want, there is one thing Fitness Passport’s members have in common with consumer from across the world - they prefer self-service. Fitness Passport has loaded up its Freshdesk Customer Portal with FAQs on topics like membership costs, inclusions and cancellations to help members find the right information easily. Michael has even gone the extra mile by implementing Freddy, the AI-powered chatbot to offer immediate and easy self-service at scale. Members who want quick answers to simple queries and are too lazy to search for them now just turn to their friendly bot friend for help. As a result, Fitness Passport has seen a 30% reduction in customer inquiries.

“No-one wants to speak to an agent if they can help it. Having an easily decipherable knowledge-base and the bot really works here.”

Michael Olson

General Manager of Operations

Fitness Passport

This works perfectly for Michael’s agents as well, giving his team additional time to deal with complex queries.

Collaborating to solve faster with Freshconnect

Another thing keeping Michael’s agents happy is Freshconnect. The ability to collaborate from right within a ticket saves valuable time for agents, and consequently the members. The support team can discuss customer queries in real-time right in the helpdesk and find the right solution rapidly. Agents are thrilled that back-and-forth emails are a thing of the past. 

Moving forward with Freshworks

Michael wants to pull out all the stops to deliver great service experiences for members. He is interested in exploring the CSAT functionality of Freshdesk to understand and live up to member expectations better. Fitness Passport is also in the process of implementing Freshsales to effectively engage members at every step on their journey.