• Lack of SLA agreements
  • Unavailability of reports

  • Unable to prioritize issues

  • Unable to distribute emails
  • Assigned Agents
  • Canned Responses
  • SLA management

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About Company

G.M. Tour & Travel is Thailand’s leading wholesale travel agency that specializes in air ticket fulfilment services and believes firmly in delivering convenient and reliable service to travel agents and corporations.

G.M. had email as their primary channel for support, which became challenging with an increase in ticket volume; it became difficult to track key information such as agent performance and ticket status. Freshdesk was instrumental in effectively establishing a structure for ticket management, thus improving agent productivity.


Support Challenges at G.M. Tour & Travel

Before Freshdesk, when travel agents needed to make travel reservations or issue air tickets, they reached out to the support team at G.M. via email. Internally, the company was using a shared team email address and Outlook to resolve customer queries.

However, as the company size grew and the volume of tickets received increased, it became increasingly difficult to keep track of response time and assign ticket resolution responsibilities. During the peak season, agents were working extra hours to resolve customer queries.

Eventually, several of the emails went unanswered, leading to unhappy customers. It was then that the management team decided to look for an alternative solution—a helpdesk to manage their customer support.


Why Freshdesk

When G.M. Tour and Travel started looking for an online customer support platform on the web, they soon discovered Freshdesk. Here’s what Narissara, Digital Marketing Manager at G.M., had to say about Freshdesk.

G.M. is now using social channels for customer support such as Facebook and further streamlining and restructuring their primary support channel—email.

Apart from social, email & self-help portal, the company hopes to leverage live chat, multi-product & multi-language features soon.

“Freshdesk has gone out of their way to help us resolve issues and even created custom apps to meet our needs. Keep up the good work!”


Digital Marketing Manager

G.M. Tour & Travel

Freshdesk Success

Once G.M. Tour and Travel moved to Freshdesk, they realized that they were effectively able to manage ticket volumes by prioritizing requests and tackling them based on urgency. Thanks to responsibility assignment, Freshdesk improved agent/sub-agent productivity.

With Freshdesk’s well-defined SLA feature, G.M. was able to track its tickets efficiently. The number of emails in agents’ inboxes reduced significantly, and all tickets were received and managed via the Freshdesk portal. Freshdesk Dispatch’r rules even allowed some of their teams to allocate specific agents to customers, which enabled them to create unique canned responses. Overall, productivity of agents improved—a team of 5 agents was able to handle 1000+ queries in a day.


Future with Freshdesk

Even though the core functionality of Freshdesk is leveraged by the IT and Support teams who use it to manage tickets internally and via email respectively, the marketing team at G.M. Tour has now embraced Freshdesk to handle their social media channel—Facebook—to answer customer queries and drive promotions.

Thus, despite the increasing number of customer queries on a daily basis, G.M. Tour and Travel gained a competitive advantage in the Thai market with Freshdesk and stayed true to their goal of being the travel agency with the best customer service in Thailand.