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About Georg Fischer

Georg Fischer is a leading supplier of piping systems with roots that can be traced back to 1802 when it was set up as a humble copper smelting plant. Despite the constant technological changes and economic upheavals in its 200-year history, Georg Fisher has grown to a 140-company conglomerate with a presence across 33 countries thanks to its focus on customer-centric innovation. 

Georg Fischer's subsidiary, Georg Fischer Piping Systems (GFPS) develops, produces, and markets piping systems that are used worldwide to transport water, gases, and aggressive media. And while it may not be a household name, GFPS touches the lives of millions across the world, who either directly or indirectly depend on its solutions for their day-to-day needs.

Tackling global support requests

However, GFPS 's global customers rely entirely on its 30 sales offices and 20 production companies to execute their mammoth projects. The backbone of these offices is Georg Fischer's Global Service and Support (GSS) Team, led by Jürgen Harsch, whom we had the opportunity to speak to. 

While sales and production offices are GFPS 's one point contact with the customers, they turn to Jürgen's team for any technical queries documents, certificates, project pricing, tender, and audits. Like when a customer from Italy needed a manual for the toolbox that measures the impact of changing ambient temperatures on GFPS 's pre-insulated pipeline. Or when a customer from Taiwan wanted more information on adapting to EU prescribed testing standards.   

Jürgen's team of specialists from Switzerland, Australia, and Malaysia work with different groups of colleagues like material specialists, production specialists, marketing, and more to get the sales teams all the information they need. 

Plugging the gaps of shared inboxes

The complex nature of the queries and the need for lengthy explanations, attachments, and images determined that email was the best form of communication for this purpose. However, Jürgen was soon to note the shortcoming in using shared inboxes for this purpose. He said, "With this system, every team member would forward incoming query mails to his own Outlook mailbox to answer it. From that moment, it disappeared from the view of others. You couldn't see how fast it was being answered. Others couldn't learn from the answer. You did not know if the same question is coming regularly or which regions have special problems."

The impact of Freshdesk

Sensing a learning opportunity, Jürgen spearheaded the initiative to find a tool to help them plug these gaps. Thus began their relationship with Freshdesk in 2019. 

With Freshdesk, the GSS team's valuable support service became easier to execute. The sales team now route customer queries through Freshdesk from where it is picked up by members of the GSS team. For Jürgen, the most valuable impact of this along with the ease and efficiency of the process is the learning. As he says, "We can now see all requests and the answers. We can create FAQs out of this. Most importantly, we can take over questions if someone is out of office or if it pops up again. And we have more clarity than ever on where most questions come from and in which product area we have most requests."

The team is even able to get in touch with their colleagues and subject experts from within the same platform to collaborate and respond rapidly to the more specialized queries. For example, when customers have questions about chemical reactions within the piping material, agents pull in their Chemical & Material specialists into a conversation within Freshdesk for a more qualified response.  

The queries Jürgen and his team resolve might be technical and complicated, but the process of answering just got easier with Freshdesk. 

“We have a quarterly MSQI (Market Support Quality Improvement) Survey. Thanks to Freshdesk, we remain top-ranked here because we can really prove how many requests we have and how fast we answer.”

Jürgen Harsch

Head of Global Service & Support

GF Piping Systems