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Cloudbakers is a Chicago-based cloud solution specialist founded in 2010. Cloudbakers has transformed IT systems and processes for over 300 client businesses, helping them reap the best out of cloud software deployments, especially Google Apps. A Premier Google Apps Reseller and Managed Partner, the company also provides services like migration from legacy systems, change management, and integration of secure, reliable and cost-effective email, CRM, helpdesk, and workflow automation solutions. It is also a reseller for many best-of-breed cloud solutions for SMBs and Enterprises.

With an aim to improve the way companies operate and increase efficiency in areas of IT, Cloudbakers leverages its expertise to analyze the issues at hand and suggests solutions to alleviate those problems. By identifying potential resource black-holes, finance drains, and problems in operation, Cloudbakers helps its clients from across the world avoid mishaps, increase the value that IT adds, and utilize resources more effectively.


Cloudbakers had its IT business systems set up on the Google cloud platform right from Day One when they were just two employees. The ease of implementation and reliability was so high that it set the bar for all products that they tested in the future. For sales forecasting and invoicing, they used Zoho CRM and Xero installed from the Chrome Web Store with their built-in Google cloud integrations.

As the business grew, there came a need for a professional help desk solution that could collate and streamline all their communication, as well as tie into the existing Google Apps infrastructure. Not to mention, the long phone calls and extensive emails that needed to be documented properly for reference. The team was also spending a lot of time and resources manually tracking time spent for each project-related requests from their clients and then entering information into Quickbooks as they resolved the request. They had to find a better way to do it, no matter how cumbersome or resource-consuming it was, as the timesheets acted as a reference for all invoices billed to clients.

The Google Solution

Being a Google App Engine user and cloud evangelist themselves, Cloudbakers sought a cloud-based helpdesk solution from the Chrome Web Store that could integrate and leverage existing Google-based business applications being used by the company. Having seen tremendous cost efficiencies in the pay-as-you-use model with Google Apps, the company searched specifically for a SaaS helpdesk solution. After a few days of research, they decided to test Freshdesk, having identified that it was the only solution, at the time, to offer time tracking natively and not as an integration.

Cloudbakers, over the next few days, found that Freshdesk not only satisfied their evaluation checklist, but surpassed it. The Single Sign On capability for Chrome users to log into Freshdesk allowed easy provisioning and quick access for every single member of the team. Time tracking automation requirements, which the team desired very much, were also met through Freshdesk. Incoming requests in the Freshdesk helpdesk could be routed to the right project owner who would track their time spent on these requests to, finally, automatically generate timesheets. Cloudbakers found that with the inbuilt integrations, these time sheets could then be used by the invoicing solution Workflowmax, which would again collaborate with the Xero accounting solution to collect and reconcile payments with invoices.

After almost two years of using Freshdesk, the team at Cloudbakers has found Freshdesk Gmail gadget app installed from Chrome Web Store to be their most favorite app. This nifty widget inside Gmail allows the entire company to view the history of tickets and customer contact details right inside their email.

Implementing Freshdesk with all our third-party software providers has been extremely easy. It has made our work considerably easier and we are now excited about trying Freshdesk’s new Gmail Gadget from the Chrome Web Store.

Mitch Greenwald

Founder Managing Partner


The Benefits

The Freshdesk Gmail Gadget app for Google Chrome helps Cloudbakers work in conjunction with the other tools they use regularly: Google Apps, Workflowmax, and Xero. Over the two years that they’ve used Freshdesk, Cloudbakers has tripled their staff count, streamlined their operations with ease, and grown to over 300 clients around Chicago, all the while keeping a happy and extremely satisfied client base. The number of support tickets that the team handles on a daily basis has doubled, but thanks to Freshdesk, they have been able to maintain a 95% resolution rate, within promised SLAs.

Cloudbakers required a helpdesk solution that is as intuitive and scalable as the Google app offerings they’re so used to. And Cloudbakers believe they’ve got just the right system with Freshdesk.

First Call Resolution

Improvement of 21%

SLA Resolution

Improvement of 11%

Resolved tickets

Doubled ticket resolution

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