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  • Undocumented ticketing process
  • Lack of reporting
  • Lack of automation
  • Lack of bulk responses
Favorite features
  • Customizable Canned Responses
  • Automation – Redirecting queries
  • Dashboards
  • CSAT

Customer satisfaction


First Call Response Time

Within 1 hr

Avg. Resolution Time

~1 hr

About Grofers

Grofers, one of India’s largest grocery e-retailers, delivers more than 20,000 orders on a daily basis across 26+ cities in the country. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company is backed by Softbank, Tiger Global Management, and Sequoia Capital.

With the primary objective of delivering an improved and real-time experience to customers, Grofers decided to implement a customizable and robust ticket management system.

The Goal

Prior to implementing Freshdesk, Grofers was receiving customer queries/ responses through calls to its toll-free number. Freshdesk facilitated Grofers transition from toll-free calls to emails which has now evolved into a more structured and documented ticket management system. This transition was also in line with the company’s prime focus on customer experience. Over the years, Grofers strengthened their customer support system and now they provide chat support, enabled by Freshdesk, that delivers real-time responses to customers.

The lack of an integrated customer support software posed the following major challenges to the company:

  • Undocumented ticketing process
  • Inability to measure and incorporate customer feedback for improvement in customer service

Selection criteria when searching for the right solution for Grofers included:

  • Flexibility
  • Feasibility
  • Ease of Usage
  • License Costs
  • Dynamic Solution
  • Faster Turnaround time

Freshdesk fared better than all its competitors based on these prerequisites and an in-depth evaluation.

Karan Sarma, Associate Director at Grofers chose Freshdesk as Grofers’ strategic partner for its customer relationship building activity. This has yielded results for them in the short term. It has also helped evolve their business dynamics by improving the customer feedback process

The solution we provided

Freshdesk is used by the customer relationship executives in Grofers who are either part of the Front-end interaction team or belong to the Strategic Complaints team. The Strategic Complaints team is further divided into groups such as payments, complaints, suggestions, delivery, etc. With Freshdesk, the ticket allocation is easily done to the right group within the Grofers Support team. This has improved first call resolution at Grofers.

Key Highlights

  • Freshdesk provided a cost-effective, flexible, and customizable solution.
  • Freshdesk helped Grofers with customized canned responses to similar customer queries. Using Bulk Replies further helped Grofers minimize their response time. Grofers was able to smoothly transition from a call based CRM system to email which has now further evolved to chat as well. Their customers now have multiple options to raise their concerns (via call/email/chat).
  • Freshdesk has enabled the customer support team at Grofers to understand responses from customers and categorize them appropriately to ensure they are addressed in time.
  • Freshdesk has helped Grofers build their mobile app based on the customer feedback to help deliver a more user-friendly experience.
  • Grofers’ support agents are now able to easily prioritize workloads and improve their productivity significantly.
  • Freshdesk’s user-friendly interface has enabled ease of use for agents as well as their end users.

Freshdesk is partnering with Grofers to generate automated responses to customer queries via chats. Grofers will be eventually be using artificial intelligence, FAQs and Knowledge Bases to enable real-time customer response and to improve CSAT.

“Freshdesk gives us the flexibility to go ahead and continue business without any hiccups. The tech teams have great coordination and understand each other well.””

Karan Priyanku Sarma

Associate Director



Grofers has been using Freshdesk for over two years now and the number of agents using Freshdesk has grown over the years

With an impressive turnaround time for resolving any issues or snags, Freshdesk has been instrumental in providing seamless customer service to Grofers thereby enabling elevated customer experience for the end user. Better and real-time customer experience has also played a key role in increasing the average order value from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1200. Freshdesk provides a unified solution for the Customer Relationship Executives and delivers an omnichannel experience for the customer as well.

Since 2015, the Google Play Store rating for Grofers app has gone up. Post the push towards chat support, email tickets have come down drastically from 3000 to around 140-170 per day. Grofers also receives around 4000 queries via chat for the 20000 orders it processes per day. The traditional customer hotline receives around 700-800 calls per day. Freshdesk has been able to manage this volume and provide unified solutions to queries across channels. With Freshdesk, 96% of the customer requests are solved on the same day and Grofers has been able to achieve 75% CSAT.

Besides using chat, Grofers is now partnering with Freshdesk to develop an omnichannel CRM system integrating phone, email, and chat, with artificial intelligence at its core. This will enable the company to further enhance the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction   Not measured   75%
  Email Ticket Volume   4000   140-170
  First Call Response Time   More than an hour   Within an hour
  Average Resolution Time   ~24 Hours   ~1 Hour