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  • Single, Shared email inbox
  • Inefficient Workflow Management
  • No ticket monitoring capabilities
  • Automation

Summary of the Case Study

Growers House is a family owned hydroponics supply and indoor gardening centre with a retail store based out of Tucson and an online store – to service its global customers.

Freshdesk helped Growers House improve agent accountability with task responsibility assignments and query tracking.

Challenges and goals at Growers House

Growers House was managing all the emails from customers and vendors via single id (shared email) on Gmail across multiple products. Workflow management through shared email became a difficult task as multiple people needed access to multiple functions of procurement and dispatches. Monitoring the same effectively became a challenging task for the owners as the size of the company grew. Emails were occasionally missed and situations arose when multiple agents were working on the same issue without transparency.

Growers House wanted a support system to enable them to effectively monitor whether the duties assigned are fulfilled by the employees and a system which would help them fix accountability for any lapses.

Why Freshdesk

As the Growers House team was clear on their requirements they had to find a vendor which would act as a complement to their work culture and Freshdesk perfectly fit into the requirement. Multiple options were evaluated and Freshdesk was chosen to be the preferred partner as it complemented Gmail in a multi-vendor environment.

Prior to making final selection, team at Growers House tried their hands on trial version of Freshdesk which helped them in product evaluation and proved to be a major factor in choosing Freshdesk over other service providers.

Implementing Freshdesk

The trial account provided by Freshdesk played an instrumental role in successful implementation by providing users with hands-on-experience. In addition, the explainer videos on Freshdesk’s functions and FAQ section also played a crucial role in educating the users.

“Response have become more accurate and complete as there is an assignment of responsibility so they (employees) have become more efficient and accurate.”

David Keith

Chief Technology Officer

Success with Freshdesk

Freshdesk streamlined email communication between Growers House, its vendors and customers. Emails could now be routed to the correct agent automatically. For example, an email for purchasing request gets forwarded to the customer service person handling purchases and then that person would log on to Freshdesk for answering and responding to the request.

In this unique way of using Freshdesk, the company utilizes the tool to track and assign responsibility to who has replied to a particular query and thereby enabling effective monitoring as well as ensuring every query is resolved properly. The manager is able to set observer rules in Freshdesk to notify him of any lapses in following the SOP which ensures the accountability is fixed amongst the users if a pre-defined SOP is not followed.