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Who is Happay?

From the United States to Dubai, India, and Brazil, companies rely on Happay for corporate expense management. A fintech startup, Happay makes expense claims, approvals, and reimbursements easy for companies and their employees. In 2019, the company was ranked among the top 3 expense management tools in Asia according to G2 and received the “CIO Choice” recognition for the Travel and Expense Management Category.

We spoke to Soumen Paul, the Operations Manager at Happay, who supervises a support team of over 50 agents. “The customer is king. Any business decisions we take at the company are from a customer point of view – whether it’s regarding the software, processes, etc.


The significance of customer service at Happay

For any fintech company, the most valuable currency in business is trust. Happay needed its customers to entrust financial matters to them, and that meant providing quality customer service every time. Businesses want timely responses and attentive agents.

In addition to this, Happay uses a subscription model, which means it needs customers to renew their business regularly. A single bad experience can lead to a canceled subscription, which immediately affects business revenue. 

Siloed channels of communication

Happay receives 25000+ customer queries per month, across email, phone, and live chat. With such high volumes to deal with, the company had outgrown its initial systems, which did not speak to one another. Happay was looking for a solution to support its next phase of growth.

We aim for each ticket to be resolved within 16 hours,” Soumen said. Achieving this SLA was an ambitious target with the legacy systems.

The support team at Happay also collaborated extensively with bank partners to resolve issues like invoice-related queries, technical bugs, legal contracts, and more. Working out of different systems across internal teams meant that information was not easily shared. Happay needed a platform that would support their business model and put all of their employees on the same page to enable them to collaborate with ease. 

Freshworks 360

Freshdesk was the first Freshworks product Happay implemented in 2015, but since then, they’ve also added Freshsales (CRM), Freshservice (ITSM), and Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) (live chat).
We wanted to integrate all our channels onto a single platform,” Soumen explained. “The ultimate goal is to reduce the number of tickets coming in through email, call, and chat across the organization using automation, deflection, and chatbots. We’re in the phase of hypergrowth, and we don’t see the point of constantly hiring to keep up with the rate we’re scaling. We want to scale our support without adding too many agents, ideally.

Happay applies a combination of Freshdesk and Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) to support their customers. Freshservice and Freshsales integrations allow agents to access information like subscription status, past queries, and more, and the context helps them understand the problem better and reply effectively. 

With Freshdesk’s integrations, we are also able to automatically identify premium clients and route them to our premium support team,” Soumen explained.

“Whatever issues we’ve faced and whenever we required help - it was readily on-hand. We’ve had a smooth journey with Freshworks”

Soumen Paul

Operations Manager


Happay also utilizes a custom app from Freshdesk called ‘Closed New’ that ensures that when a customer responds on a closed ticket after a certain amount of time has elapsed, the ticket will remain closed and a new ticket will be created instead. This helps ensure that the team’s SLAs are not affected.

Looking ahead

Having transitioned from a legacy live chat solution to Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) less than 10 months ago, Soumen explained that he had wanted to give his team time to get used to the new product. “We need to now look at setting aside time and resources to set up chatbots and teach them the basics. We offer customers three different types of dashboards, so there is a lot of information a chatbot would need to be familiar with.” For now, Happay relies largely on knowledge-base articles that often do not satisfy the customer’s need for a clear answer.

While most of their systems are now integrated seamlessly, Happay’s phone system continues to be a siloed channel. “We are currently in talks with top management to consider adding (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center)) to our suite of products,” Soumen said.

With the addition of (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center)), Happay will have the security and flexibility of the complete Freshworks Customer Service Platform. Rest assured, their customer service experience will always be on the money!