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The Company

hhp is the European leading supplier in developing, producing and selling medical massage technology products. Thanks to years of experience in manufacturing products adhering to highest standards of quality and with end to end production centralized in Germany, hhp has tens of thousands of satisfied customers all across Europe.

Founded in 2000 by Bruno Nuyttens, hhp aims to make strides in medical massage technology. And a continued dedication to maintaining quality of product and excellence of service has only increased their popularity among their consumers year on year. hhp was able to expand its operations to Germany within 4 years and was certified a medical product by 2005.

After extensive research and several iterations, hhp launched two new products in 2010 based on an entirely new method. In 2013, hhp in collaboration with IBMP, introduced an andullation method for astronauts.

By their 10th anniversary, hhp had expanded to four other countries including Netherlands, France and Switzerland. Currently, the hhp workforce of 350 employees is active in Belgium, Germany, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Spain and mainly consists (over 70%) of sales people travelling around their respective countries using mobile devices to read email, plan meetings and process orders. As hhp grew, a number of problems arose for the customer support team.

The Problem

By 2012, hhp was operating in half a dozen countries and found it increasingly difficult to manage the incoming questions. hhp used email primarily to get in touch with customers. Due to the lack of a proper classification and sorting system, hhp’s agents missed some questions and others were added to the backlogs. hhp also found that since scaling, a larger variety of problems had begun landing in their inbox. From accounting to sales, all problems landed in the same inbox and made assigning tasks impossible.

Using just an email inbox meant that hhp was not able to track the status of a ticket. Regardless of whether the problem was pending or needed customer’s answer or already solved, hhp’s agents had no way of knowing. Agents either ended up replying to solved tickets or missed some of them entirely.

The inability to track tickets also meant that agents had no way of enforcing SLAs and determining the state of the helpdesk. Key Performance Indicators like Average Response Time, Resolution Time, and customer satisfaction ratings couldn’t even be determined. Since those metrics were unavailable and the number of requests was increasing fast, the support agents came under intense pressure.

The Solution

hhp had considered both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 for their business. After comparing the features and studying recommendations by partners like Gartner, hhp chose Google. hhp believed that Google’s innovative nature and the increased degree of collaboration that Google Apps afforded would be better over what Microsoft offered. hhp chose Mincko (Belgium) to handle all project management, implementation, training, post go­-live support and any future integration with other systems.

After having widely adopted Google Apps within the organization, hhp wanted to overhaul its customer support system to make it work more closely with the new Google Apps setup. After testing a number of helpdesk software, Mincko selected Freshdesk since it was the easiest to integrate into hhp’s existing workflow. Mincko found setting up Freshdesk so easy that they were able to roll out a new helpdesk to their clients without much fuss. Changes were being rolled out at the rate of one country a day.

Mincko did not face any problems while implementing the new helpdesk software for hhp. Only one issue cropped up which Freshdesk’s support team took care of immediately. Freshdesk’s support made use of Google Hangouts to tackle problems live and discuss issues directly, which made it all the more easier for hhp to get started with the new solution.

hhp has also found it easy to organize their salesperson’s agenda by using Google Calendar with Freshdesk registering all incoming requests in tandem. hhp has also been able to cut down on the time wasted on login screens by using SSOs, allowing agents to login via Google accounts.

“We chose Freshdesk for its simplicity and its in-depth integration with Google Apps has made it an essential tool in our operations”

Anja D'Haenens

Customer Service


The Benefits

From day one of implementing Freshdesk, hhp found their operations considerably easier to perform.

Freshdesk also allowed hhp to enforce SLAs more easily. Easily configurable rules let hhp define their working hours and assignment protocols. Taking into account these rules, Freshdesk automatically kept track of due date of a ticket, irrespective of its country of origin. Tickets were assigned automatically as they came in to agents, based on availability. Agents were also notified automatically if tickets were overdue. This was a massive upgrade to their way of operating from a basic email inbox.

hhp also found Freshdesk’s reporting suite very helpful in tracking various KPIs. By keeping tags on Average Response Times and Average Resolution Times, hhp has been able to take steps to improve their overall quality of support. The Dashboard, with its minimal interface has ensured that agents are able to keep an eye on the immediate state of their support while the detailed reporting suite has allowed the management to keep an eye on the long-term support status.

hhp is intent on improving the state of their support in the future by integrating Google Apps with Freshdesk more deeply. With scaling made easy and their processes more efficient, hhp is confident that expanding their operations to more countries will not need a subsequent expansion in their support staff and setup as well.