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About holiday me

Incepted in 2014, holiday me serves as an easy-to-use travel aggregation platform enabling customers across the Middle East and South-East Asia to plan and book customizable holiday packages, hotels or flights in a few simple clicks. holiday me stands differentiated from its competitors with its focus on cutting-edge proprietary technology. Its SAS based platforms of Quotation and Booking Management have helped the company grow exponentially and meet the demands of a rapidly growing customer base.


Staying on top of growing conversation volumes

holiday me’s wide range of customers consistently generate large volumes of  conversation in their quest for the perfect holiday experience. holiday me’s agents converse with close to 450 leads per day on an average, with the numbers growing up to 800 during peak seasons. With the company expanding into Malaysia and neighbouring regions, these volumes are estimated to double. Helping a largely remote workforce stay on top of these conversations called for a step up from the legacy Oracle customer support mechanism that was in place.  

holiday me’s queries also came from different sources across multiple touch-points. With disparate systems for calls, web leads and social leads (done manually through outlook), agents were unable to aggregate all queries on to a single platform and close them effectively.


Building stronger customer associations

In their quest for a better solution, Freshdesk was a unanimous choice to help streamline support operations to strengthen customer associations. On deployment, Product Manager Harshvardhan Yadav was tasked with helping teams navigate and make the best of everything Freshdesk had to offer. “Our aim is to cater to the need of every person for every destination” said Harsh, “and Freshworks is certainly helping us do that.”  As a powerful customer-centric tool, Freshdesk was brought on board to streamline the complexities brought by fast growing customer data and communication channels.

  • Freshdesk’s API seamlessly integrated with holiday me’s internal Quote and Booking Management systems. This allowed the company’s internal teams to effectively manage tickets and queries generated across multiple channels like chat, phone, email, social media, web-leads - to deliver a truly cohesive and intelligent omnichannel experience to customers.

  • Customer conversations taking place on the external chat tool Live-Chat were made fully accessible and visible along with their Freshdesk tickets to provide agents with complete context on all interactions.

  • Agents were able to use their time more efficiently by creating and sharing customer quotations with a direct internal integration and also send templatized emails with a single click with Freshdesk’s internal tool.  


Leveraging a feature-rich solution

holiday me also saw significant benefit, superior efficiencies and greater agent productivity from other features like:

  • Improved agent productivity and an over two-fold increment in the CPA metric (queries per agent) with the advanced ticketing system and follow-up feature

  • Multilingual support to effectively reach multiple markets without a language barrier

  • Reduced lead wastage and customer conversions on holidays by leveraging features like Dispatch’r and Observer

The company also seeks to explore how it can leverage other game-changing advanced features like parent child ticketing which would allow agents to collaboratively work on segments of the same ticket.

“We are excited to try out any product that begins with ‘Fresh’!”

holiday me harsh
Harshvardhan Yadav

Product Manager

Paving the way for greatness

Now that they have had a taste of what refreshing, user friendly software can do, holiday me is excited to see how else they can work with the Freshworks engagement suit including products like Freshchat and Freshsales.


Metrics Before  After
Query handling per agent 6 15
Query wastage 53% 3%