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About HubOne

HubOne Pty Ltd, the world’s first cloud integrator in Asia Pacific, is an Australian owned, award winning, software development company. With more than 30 years experience, they develop and deliver solutions that solve critical business problems, improve business efficiencies and reduce overall overhead costs.

Since 2008, HubOne has helped thousands of organisations, ranging from enterprise to small-medium businesses, including member-body organisations, move to the Cloud and adopt cloud-based solutions to transform the way their business works. HubOne’s most popular service, OnePractice, is an award winning product suite developed primarily for accounting and financial services businesses, to help them save time and make money. The company employs 15 staff members across Australia and the USA, and works with partners in the Asia Pacific and Americas.

Discovering Freshdesk

Being a SaaS company, HubOne had a strong understanding of the customer relationship management software tools available on the market. The HubOne team had experience with using CRM tools, previously using Zendesk’s ticketing service to manage customer queries. But after finding Zendesk’s features were rigid, not to mention complex for staff to use, the team decided to go on the hunt for a new system. HubOne needed a system that was flexible, engaging, cost effective and most importantly integrated with the company’s existing software suite. It may sound like a larger than usual checklist, but Freshdesk ticked all the boxes for HubOne.

The search was easy, according to HubOne’s Founder and CEO Nick Beaugeard, who was the key decision maker in rolling out the company’s new customer service management tool.

“We didn’t need to look far when it came to the hunt for an alternate customer relationship management software. Freshdesk has a credible customer base and we’d heard good things in the industry, so it made complete sense for us to trial the program and see how it worked for our team,” said Nick.

Following the trial, Nick and the HubOne team knew they needn’t look any further, the Freshdesk solution met and exceeded all of the company’s requirements for a reliable CRM. Coupled with a friendly user interface and Microsoft 365 integration — Freshdesk was a no-brainer choice for HubOne.

How Freshdesk is Used

HubOne has grown exponentially since it was founded in 2008. Its team of 15 are located across Australia and the USA. But the trick to HubOne’s success is all about integration, Nick said.

“While a standalone helpdesk product is great, as a small business, we get our efficiencies from tools that work together.”

In addition to the perks associated with efficiency, Freshdesk has helped keep HubOne employees engaged in the customer support system through gamification.

“With integrated game mechanics in the Freshdesk Arcade, we can engage and support our employees to do the best work possible,” said Nick. “The benefits of this are twofold: we have happier staff, which leads to high retention rates, but we also have exceptional service offered to our customers,” Nick said.

Freshdesk software has been optimised by the HubOne team for not only CRM use, but also for internal project management. Working together across borders, the HubOne team uses Freshdesk to manage not only customer queries efficiently, but also deliver updates and assign tasks on internal projects the team is working on.

Challenges Freshdesk Solved

HubOne receives on average 560 tickets from customers each month, leaving the team of 15 inundated with customer requests. Challenged by an overflow of tickets, HubOne needed a system that kept response times low, and in turn customers happy. Freshdesk was the ultimate solution to this problem.

On top of Freshdesk’s traditional services for the helpdesk, HubOne Founder and CEO, Nick Beaugeard was able to add extra “smarts” to the platform thanks to the software’s flexible solutions tailored to each customer's needs. This helped not only reduce the number of tickets for staff, but also sped up the time to resolution for customers.

“With Freshdesk we’re able to automate service desk jobs by adding a layer of artificial intelligence on top of the service desk. Integrating the Freshdesk software with other services we use at HubOne, we’re able to decipher the natural language in tickets and automatically send out solution articles to customers. This helps minimise the amount of engagements our service staff have, leading to workplace efficiencies, as well as customers resolving their issues much faster than before,” said Nick.

With the challenge of large ticket numbers also comes the challenge of disengaged staff members, and sometimes there will be repeat questions from customers which need to be resolved by service desk staff.

“If the support team is not jumping with joy, chances are customers won't either, so it’s important to keep them engaged. This is where Freshdesk hit the nail on the head with its gamification features, it promotes healthy competition internally, and ultimately keeps both our customers and staff happy”

nick beaugeard
Nick Beaugeard

CEO and Founder


HubOne’s Support Strategy

HubOne offers a range of services to help migrate a business’ infrastructure to the cloud. As such, the support team is always on hand to help customers with the transition process, including educating each customer on the use of each software program the HubOne platform recommends — one of which is Freshdesk.

As with many businesses craving efficiency, HubOne’s support strategy works on time. The company uses Freshdesk to bring in inquiries from Facebook, Twitter, discussion forums as well as traditional channels such as the phone, to give their staff a 360 degree view of the customer regardless of which medium they choose to communicate with.

Currently the team aims to respond to service requests from customers within 4 hours and resolve within 16 hours, however with the integration of artificial intelligence, HubOne’s CEO and Founder sees this number reducing over time.

HubOne also uses the customer satisfaction system to give clients the opportunity to provide feedback on services, helping ensure that the service the team provides is always hitting the mark.