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Oulu, Finland

  • Shared inboxes led to long customer response times
  • No proper system to capture CSAT scores
  • Lack of scalable system to increase work efficiency
  • Freshdesk's platform supported numerous customizations
  • Instant automated messages increased resolution times
  • 200-page manual condensed into an easy-to-consume knowledge base

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Time saving for Product Managers


Time saving for R&D teams


About iLOQ

iLOQ is a fast-growing Finnish company that provides self-powered digital locking and mobile access management solutions that have revolutionized the locking industry. iLOQ’s battery-free solutions have not only been able to minimize maintenance costs but have also reduced environmental impact by annually saving 30,000 kg of battery waste. It is currently focused on expanding and scaling its operations to new countries. 

iLOQ mainly sells its products through authorized business partners, making them integral to its business model.  We spoke to Ari-Pekka Hietala, Head of Services, to understand how partnering with Freshworks has helped iLOQ establish a customer service solution that delivers partner happiness.

At iLOQ, Partner Happiness Takes Precedence

Earlier, iLOQ relied on Outlook to manage its customer support. Partners would write to their internal team with the issue, and get an email response from the support agent for resolution. The entire process was time-consuming and lacked the means to measure CSAT and NPR. “At that point, our main objective was to start measuring performance, measuring CSAT, and understanding what kind of problems we have on the field.”  Ari-Pekka said.

As the operations scaled up, iLOQ recognized the need for a platform that could help it access key data, increase work efficiency, measure its own performance, and measure partner happiness index. The hunt for a professional help desk system began that could help the support team turn emails, chats, texts, and requests from any channel into a ticket to ensure not a single support query slipped between the cracks. 


Freshdesk as iLOQ’s Partner of Choice 

The Freshdesk customer service platform was favored over five other competition platforms for its modern look and feel, ease-of-use, and knowledge base capabilities. As Ari-Pekka reasons, “The specs of most platforms are fairly similar. The real test of a solution’s interface design is if you can easily start using it without any kind of manual. With three to four new systems getting deployed every year, imagine the burden on employees to quickly learn a new system. This is where usability comes into the picture, the easier the system is to understand, the faster employees can start using it”.

Freshdesk’s flexible platform supported easy customizations that helped the tech support team to make multiple changes during the development phase. The usability factor ensured that the solution was well-received by its employees. Freshdesk’s focus on taking an empathetic approach while providing customer service solutions was another deciding factor for iLOQ. 

“We needed somebody who understood what we wanted to develop and then tried to fit the solution to our purpose. This was something Freshdesk was doing, and they did it very well.”

Ari-Pekka Hietala

Head of Services


iLOQ’s Support Structure

iLOQ’s customer support is managed by two different teams, technical support and customer service. The technical support team is spread over several countries. Freshdesk’s multilingual knowledge base portal extends to 42 languages, making it possible for the local technical support team to get answers in their preferred language. Any issues that the local technical team fails to resolve, get forwarded to Product Management, which further goes for R&D and development testing processes. Freshdesk’s ticketing system makes it possible for iLOQ to automate repetitive workflows, simplify manual tasks, and deflect tickets to improve agent productivity.

Next is the customer support team, which works globally and helps through different sales phases like sales orders, licenses, returns, etc. The team observes ten times more tickets as compared to the technical support team. Since Freshdesk, iLOQ has been able to send instant automated messages to the customers stating that their request has been received and will be resolved ASAP. Once the issue is resolved, a CSAT survey link is sent to the customer. CSAT results help the customer support team to narrow down on customer feedback and improve support center efficiency.  


Better Insights, Better Relationships

With Freshdesk, iLOQ now has a complete ticketing platform to measure productivity and CSAT. The ticketing system helps iLOQ classify tickets into different categories. Further, these tickets can be filtered based on different categories to identify the most important and frequently asked questions in the field. Freshdesk reports help iLOQ align the corrective actions easily to the corresponding problems and set new KPIs.

With Freshdesk’s flexible and user-friendly platform, iLOQ has been able to set up and publish content easily on its support portal. The iLOQ team has successfully uploaded a 200-page manual to the knowledge base so that partners can easily find the relevant information without having to go through the entire manual by leveraging Freshdesk’s powerful knowledge base features. 

Insights from Freshdesk’s ticketing platform have assisted in creating a fully comprehensive support portal. In Ari-Pekka’s words, “We have published several “how-to-videos”, user manuals and over 100 Q&As in all iLOQ languages. This support portal works 24/4 as self-service and can handle thousands of customers at the same time. The more useful our distributors and customers find the solution, the more they can serve themselves, allowing us to focus on demanding cases".

Consistent Partner Support

Digital growth is a key success factor for iLOQ, and partner happiness plays an important role in achieving this goal. Using Freshdesk to identify the common problems, and finding the solutions to such problems, the team is able to constantly improve the partner experience. The next step for iLOQ’s support organization is to make all the tickets visible to its partners on the support portal monitor. This way partners can keep track of all the tickets, resolved or unresolved, in one place. As iLOQ continues to grow, Freshdesk will scale alongside its evolving requirements to ensure it continues to build strong relationships with partners.

“Freshdesk made it possible for us to measure CSAT, and that is the main meter at the moment. As long as we know our end customers and partners are happy, we are also happy”

Ari-Pekka Hietala

Head of Services