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About Instantprint

In 2009, James and Adam started buying flyers to advertise club nights at university in Bristol. They realized there must be a better way for small businesses to buy prints, and Instantprint was born. Over a decade later, Instantprint is the UK’s largest online printer, with a 250-member team providing over half a million small businesses with business cards, flyers, posters, and other printed marketing materials.

Small business owners love Instantprint’s speedy delivery, unbeatable quality, and reasonable prices. They also set themselves apart with a team of friendly ‘print experts’ who personally help clients choose the right product. We spoke to Duncan Tyler, Customer Services Manager, and Jasmin Hardy, Senior Team Leader, about customer-centricity at Instantprint. "We make it easy for our customers to get amazing prints. When a customer has a great experience with our print experts and orders print easily, that is when we know we’ve succeeded,” said Duncan.

Scaling customer service with intimacy

As Instantprint grew at a rapid rate with 136% growth in the last 5 years, it became hard to understand where they were falling short and how they could improve service levels. The Instantprint team wanted to learn from customers and continuously improve their customer experience.

  • Lack of visibility: The Instantprint team was unable to establish a single customer view of all communications across channels. For example, if a single customer reached out on two different channels, they were served twice, duplicating work for the agents.
  • Absence of tracking: With no organized method of tracking the volume or nature of queries, it was getting increasingly harder for Instantprint to identify common customer pain points and solve for them.
  • No customer feedback: Without any way to track CSAT scores, they also had no way to report how effective customer service was.  “Being aware of customer CSAT scores means we can zero down on specific areas to improve. We wanted that opportunity to improve,” said Duncan.
  • Lack of ownership: Another frustration with shared inboxes was that agents had no visibility into who tickets were being answered by. If the customer replied on a different thread, work would be duplicated by multiple agents.
The Freshworks advantage

They needed a solution that was easy to use, scalable, with powerful analytics capabilities that can help drive better customer outcomes. Duncan wanted a platform that could be self-managed without reliance on IT or external consultants. He also wanted to measure CSAT scores and their impact on Trustpilot reviews to ensure that customer needs were always being met.

On this quest, the Instantprint team implemented Freshdesk Omnichannel, bringing all their communication channels into one platform with no cost to themselves. The team started by rolling out the core platform and email support, before eventually introducing live-chat and cloud telephony.

“With Freshworks, we have been able to centralize omnichannel support onto a single platform. This has given us a 360-degree view of customers no matter what channel they decided to interact on, helping agents guide them to the best possible outcome with complete context.”

Duncan Tyler

Customer Services Manager


360-degree view of the customer

Agile customer service in times of crisis

Instantprint successfully established a support organization that delights customers at every turn. However, like most other businesses, the organization was also forced to adapt to the new normal of a COVID-afflicted world. And they rose to the challenge while continuing to put the customer first.

Duncan pointed out, “Because we’re a business known for quick turnaround, customer service is all about quick answers and resolutions. And this is something customers continued to expect during the pandemic.” 

Smooth transition to remote work

The transition to remote work was simple with Freshworks’ cloud-based suite of solutions. “We have continued offering the same degree of service. There was no drop and no IT dependencies. It was really not different from working from the office,” added Duncan.

It is no surprise that Instantprint continues to receive perfect scores and glowing reviews on Trustpilot.

A review of Instantprint available on Trustpilot

Pivoting to help small businesses succeed

Understanding the need of the hour, Instantprint decided to leverage its warehouses to produce much-needed PPE for point-of-sales like face shields and window guards. They also branched out into manufacturing medical-grade PPE.

In order to sell the PPE, Instantprint turned to e-commerce sites like Amazon to sell directly to the end-users and Shopify to sell to businesses. With the help of integrations, they were able to set it up so that the orders were fed through from the websites to their customer service platform.

  • Amazon-Freshdesk: Amazon orders flow into Freshdesk as tickets, allowing teams to track and disburse the purchase immediately.
  • Shopify-Freshdesk: Surgical mask subscriptions were sold by Instantprint’s parent company, The Blue Tree Group, on a Shopify platform. These orders flow into Freshdesk using the integration and are fulfilled by the Instantprint team.

The Blue Tree Group was featured in the news for its contribution to help fight the pandemic.

Reinventing customer engagement

Identifying the need for more personalized, empathetic service, Duncan’s team also reinvented how they engage with customers to ease their anxiety during these times.

Instantprint introduced a brand new service for video consultations to help concerned customers have a one-on-one, live agent interaction. The team integrated meeting scheduling app Arrangr with Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) to allow customers to schedule a video consultation at a convenient time and interact with agents over Zoom.

Video consultations can be scheduled via chat!

The impact of chat

Introducing chat as a channel has helped Instantprint stay on top of rising contact volumes and deliver speedy and efficient customer service. Integrating Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) with messaging applications like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp also helped the support team become more accessible to their customers. Initially, the team started out with agents handling both chat and phone queries, but through trial-and-error, Duncan and Jasmin realized that dedicated agents for chat worked better. One agent was able to handle upto four chats at the same time!

Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging) has also helped solve the problem of being able to track the nature of customer queries and identify common pain points. By using labels on Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging), Jasmin and her team were able to identify key trends and behavior patterns in the customers they chatted with.

On Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging), labels helped us figure out that 70% of customers chatting with do so before placing an order to gain a bit of confidence in the service they are signing up for.” Jasmin explained, “When we did a deep dive, we found that the average order value of someone who chatted with us is 24% more than that of someone who didn’t. This clearly shows us what makes our customers feel most comfortable and guides us to replicate it.

Like Instantprint wanted from the start, the Freshworks suite gave them the ability to understand their customers better to see how they could delight them even more. Jasmin said, “This helps us go back and study trends to make improvements to the way we interact with customers.

Seamless omnichannel service has become an instant hit with Instantprint’s customers. With Freshworks, the organization is ready to take on any challenges in the future without impacting the customer experience.