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Slovakia & Czech Republic

  • Inefficient support system
  • Multi-channel support
  • Multi-product support
  • Multi-language support
  • Mobile support app

About IriSoft

Irisoft is a software development company that sells CMS and custom built e-commerce systems. Founded by Peter Polakovic and George Bistricka in 2003, the company boasts of about 2500 clients and a brand built on more than 7 years of trust. Their customer base is geographically diverse with clients from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Great Britain, Denmark and even Bali. Most Irisoft customers are small businesses, selling software services or retail goods.

How Things Used To Work

Irisoft’s typical day has the support team fielding about 50 phone calls and 150 emails from their customers. Most of these queries come from their Slovak and Czech clients who make up 90% of the customer base and a lot of the requests have to do with late payments, content creation and management, and SEO. Apart from support requests, they also get emails about how their system measures up against other CMS. As Irisoft grew as a business, so did the needs of its clients and its support. They realized the inadequacy of managing all this without a proper helpdesk system and sat down to come up with a clear list of things they were looking for.

The Customer Support Challenge

More and more of their customers were contacting them through social networks so they decided that their support had to expand to include those channels as well. An increasing range of products and a geographically diverse client base meant multilanguage and multi brand support were also on the check list. Apart from these broad requirements, they included some finer details like advanced task search, detailed reports and statistics and proper spam settings as well. Armed with this checklist, Irisoft began systematically staking out all the help desk software on the market.

“Our advice for other companies is simply this - if you offer services in other countries and manage your own support team, Freshdesk is the best solution for you. Their team of qualified and supportive programmers change customer dreams into reality.”

Jana Kalasova


The Freshdesk Experience

When Irisoft’s support team began exploring Freshdesk’s features, they were amazed to discover that Freshdesk fit their requirements so well it felt like it was tailor made for them! All of their specifications were met and they were able to provide faster and better support to their customers.

Their excellent multi-language and the multi-product support has amazed clients. And the team loves the fact that Freshdesk churns out new features and updates nearly every week. They also like that their ideas and requests are being heard by Freshdesk’s ‘team of qualified and supportive programmers who change customer dreams into reality’. Says Jana Kalasove of Irisoft, “if you offer services in other countries and manage your own support team, Freshdesk is the best solution for you”.