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About Jamberry

In 2010, an expensive and lengthy visit to a nail salon sparked the idea for sisters Keri Evans, Christy Hepworth, and Lyndsey Ekstrom to create a line of do-it-yourself nail wraps—vinyl strips applied directly to fingernails and toenails without a salon visit or high price tag. Today their company, Jamberry, has an extensive catalog of nail wrap designs (including a design-your-own feature), and a product line that includes professional nail lacquers, gel enamels, and accessories. An army of consultants helps customers plan parties—in their homes, virtually (on Facebook), or via catalog—around these popular products. Commissions for consultants run into the millions of dollars per month. The company has become one of the fastest-growing network marketing companies.

At the core of Jamberry is a commitment to charity (a $2 donation for every sheet of wraps). The company also takes an environmentally conscious stand by eschewing harsh chemicals in their products.

Growing Fast: A Support Revamp

"We were supporting all our customers on Gmail, and really struggling. At our stage of growth, it was a nightmare,” said James Crawford, Director of Support at Jamberry. “It was disorganized, chaotic, and extremely difficult to find insights to guide our support success."

"We had been outsourcing support overseas, but in February, 2015 we consolidated support in house here in Utah, acquiring Freshdesk as our platform."

The Challenge: A Complex Support Model

The challenge with our support architecture was that Jamberry Customer Support serves a couple of constituencies—both our own customers and 50,000 consultants who support our business model. We needed to find a way to manage both. Freshdesk enabled us to effectively streamline what could have been an unwieldy environment.

"Freshdesk has helped us satisfy both categories—both because the product is flexible, and because the Freshdesk team has been flexible in helping us meet our support needs."

Since we’re supporting both our customers and our consultants, we needed to plan for entirely different conversations with each group. In addition, the independent business consultant needs much different support from the new or part-time consultant who’s asking basic questions about topics like the compensation model for a Jamberry party. And then there are our own customers, who are likely to be asking first-level shipping and receiving questions—such as checking whether we have the correct address for their order.

"For these two groups of support requests, Freshdesk helped configure the system so that both the newbie consultant and Jamberry customers enter the system and self-select into “groups” from drop downs. Based on that information, requests route to the agents best equipped to handle these queries."

The career business consultant has a different support experience from customers and newer or less active consultants. While “newbie” consultants tend to have questions around rewards and shipping, the “business building” consultant tends to have questions about commission and PRV (points for retail volume). These people are given a concierge, one-on one experience—emailing directly to their assigned agent. Consultants at this level deal with a single contact and a single mailbox.

Support seekers can send emails to a general address, or go in and create a ticket and choose a group. Then we route them primarily by country, which allows us to create specialist groups of agents familiar with a geographical area.

"What FD is doing is allowing us, by their flexibility, to create a flexible support environment that fits our goals," adds Crawford.

Quantifying Freshdesk’s ROI

"We’re no longer sifting through one pile of support requests to get insights about our support landscape—we’ve got Freshdesk configured to divide tickets into groups, or by country. Now agents can drill deeper into the problem and add more categories to the tickets. This helps greatly with reporting. Our team can benefit from these insights in myriad ways—guiding our activities in productive directions."

“Since we added FD functionality, we’ve been able to reduce staff from over 100 agents to around 77, plus it’s been easy for support to contribute to managing country openings and new launches. This year, we added the United Kingdom without stress on the system.”

James Crawford

Director of Support


Freshdesk was impressively versatile in helping us analyze what we needed. They helped us test and understand customer needs. Our single pile quickly became a better system, enabling speed and responsiveness. Instead of having a workforce trained on everything, we created specialists. Freshdesk supported us throughout that diagnostic process.

Freshdesk was also supportive of our unique reporting needs. I wanted to be able to see how much time agents were spending on tickets—to understand call length—and Freshdesk adjusted the system so that agents were timed from opening a call through to resolution. This helps us greatly; we know where we stand, are able to set goals, and rely on concrete metrics rather than guesswork. The data is a good barometer for establishing training and setting realistic goals.

Quantifiable Changes with Freshdesk

Since implementing Freshdesk, Jamberry has improved overall response times by 40% and increased efficiency and reduced staff needs by 31%. They have seen a 25% decrease in cost per ticket attributed directly to Freshdesk improvements.

Freshdesk has also allowed process improvements throughout the company—including better categorization and distribution of feedback to appropriate departments. “We’re very pleased with the Freshdesk software,” says Crawford.

A Happy Outcome

Another appealing trait of the Freshdesk team is that they are continually looking for ways to bring more to the table. It’s a continuous offering of new features and functionality. Chat, integrated telephony—the Freshdesk team is committed to improvement.

Our team trained very fast, with a low learning curve. We had no downtime whatsoever. The implementation went smoothly—we just turned it on and went to work. Painless.

"Now I look at my Freshdesk and can see everything. Not just open tickets, but exactly what I need to do at a glance. What’s on hold? Where do I need to focus? Gamification is very cool, too. We’re looking to leverage our customer satisfaction ratings—and Freshdesk is helping us do that."

Overall response time

Improved from 64% to 86%

Increased efficiency and reduced staff needs
Cost per ticket

attributed directly to Freshdesk improvements