• Dealing with high call volumes
  • Lack of visibility into customer queries
  • Siloed operations
  • Visibility into customer service
  • Increased collaboration between teams
  • Improvement in CSAT and resolution times

Tickets per quarter


About Jeanswest

Jeanswest was founded in 1972 and has over 45 years of experience in fitting customers with the perfect pair of jeans. Jeanswest operates 230 stores across Australia & New Zealand and has become a household name and favorite go-to brand for great quality denim and high fashion.  

Need to Scale Customer Service

Jeanswest has a very loyal and vocal customer base. 70% of all purchases come from existing loyalty program members who have a very high level of engagement with the brand. A big reason for this, apart from its quality denim, is the customer service offered by Jeanswest. Customer service at Jeanswest is defined by its core values - being bold, focused and united. However, as Jeanswest continued to grow, the legacy customer service platform started showing gaps that threatened Jeanswest’s ability to stay true to this vision that had helped create customers for life.

Phone is the primary channel used for customer service, However, the legacy system wasn’t able to cope with increasing call volumes, capture missed calls effectively, and provide a robust reporting structure to help Jeanswest optimize call rosters and gain insights into its customers’ preferences. 

“We wanted a tool that could give us oversight into our customers’ interactions with us”

Jacqui Douglas

Retail Operations Manager


Enter Freshdesk and (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center))

After extensive research, Jeanswest realized that Freshdesk ticked all the boxes for a customer service platform. Freshworks had already been a trusted partner for Jeanswest as they had been using Freshservice to streamline internal operations. This experience convinced them to invest further into the Freshworks ecosystem - first with Freshdesk and soon after with (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center)), to manage their customer support. 

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Contextual customer support
Freshdesk has vastly improved the ticket resolution time and CSAT at Jeanswest by providing agents with complete customer history against every query. Since Jeanswest has a lot of loyalty program members, convenient access to their membership details and past orders helps agents deliver personal customer service and respond to queries faster. 

For instance, one of the most common queries is on finding the store which stocks the design or size the customer is looking for. Agents have access to store-level stock availability in real-time, helping them reply to customers faster.

Internal collaboration
With Freshworks, Jeanswest has been able to drive smooth operations across internal teams and functions. Whenever a customer reports an issue related to the website, it is automatically forwarded to the IT team in Freshservice. Once the IT team closes the bug, updates are communicated back to the customer seamlessly through Freshdesk. Internal business services are also managed on Freshdesk. Retail stores raise tickets with corporate on everything from stock planning to merchandise printing and promotion planning.

Increased visibility
Freshdesk Analytics allows Jeanswest to monitor and improve the team’s performance. Easy access to daily ticket volume trends, ticket type trends helps Jeanswest staff effectively and ensure the team is performing efficiently. 

Agent training
Jeanswest managers are able to listen to customer calls and provide real-time feedback to agents wherever required. The tools also help in training new agents who can go through call recordings from various scenarios to quickly ramp up and start managing customers themselves.  


Freshworks has helped Jeanswest improve customer service operations and create customers-for-life, and has given it the confidence to scale further into newer markets and demographic segments.

“Ultimately, the introduction of the Freshworks platform has just streamlined things for us”

Jacqui Douglas