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  • Difficulty in managing on-premise system
  • High probability of missed tickets
  • Inability to measure agent performance and productivity
  • Dispatch’r and Observer
  • Ticket views
  • Private notes on tickets
  • APIs


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About Kiewit

Kiewit, headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, is one of North America’s largest and most respected construction and engineering organizations. Kiewit’s roots can be traced back to 1884  when the Kiewit family started its small, local masonry contracting company. Kiewit has since grown to become a Fortune 500 organization offering EPC services in diverse areas such as building, mining, oil and gas, power and transportation.

The challenge

Kiewit’s 100+ member Engineering, Design and Technology (EDT) team operates as a shared service to support the engineering and construction divisions across multiple streams, products and software lines. The EDT team needed a system that could track, prioritize and help bill hours internally for these requests.

For 8 years, the EDT team was using a homegrown application based on MS Access to manage these internal requests. However, as Kiewit continued to grow, this system proved inadequate and several problems started surfacing including:

  • Inability to scale with increasing ticket volumes
  • Manual maintenance and machine upgrades
  • Frequent downtime
  • Time and effort spent in maintenance 

“The desktop application developed internally was a nightmare to manage”

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Tyler Nace

Engineering and Design Services Manager


Kiewit began looking for a cloud-based solution so that they wouldn’t have to worry about its availability and reliability. They tested ServiceNow but found that it couldn’t track the time spent per ticket or communicate effectively with external systems as per the EDT team’s requirements. This led them to Freshdesk. 

The solution we provided

The EDT team went live in October 2017 with Freshdesk in just a few weeks, encompassing even product configuration, integrations, training and data migration from the legacy system. Tyler drove the change management process within Kiewit and educated the teams on the new system, processes and the advantages of using Freshdesk. The teams were excited about the powerful capabilities of Freshdesk and the intuitive UI that came with it. Within a few weeks of implementing Freshdesk, Kiewit saw a massive improvement in efficiency and team productivity.  One of the biggest changes after implementing Freshdesk was the significant increase in the ticket volume, which was a testament to Freshdesk’s ease of use and availability. 

“Everyone in the company is familiar with Freshdesk and know exactly how to get to the portal and submit requests”

Tyler Nace

Succeeding with Freshdesk

Freshdesk allows Kiewit to assign tickets to the right agents, track and manage tickets better and enable seamless communication between teams. 

Before Freshdesk, Kiewit didn’t have robust mechanisms to track open tickets, response times, SLAs, and customer satisfaction. Freshdesk’s advanced reporting and analytics provide the EDT team with a complete view of their operations. With lesser time spent per request, the EDT team now tracks more requests than ever before. Following are some of the benefits that Kiewit has seen with Freshdesk:

  • Response and resolution times have reduced with the auto-assignment of tickets to the right agents using Dispatch’r and Observer rules
  • Teams can effectively prioritize tickets by creating a separate queue for critical requests, and reduce resolution time by looking at similar tickets using custom ticket views
  • Admins can monitor requests and mitigate escalations using the Watcher feature in Freshdesk
  • Collaboration and communication between agents has become easy with Private Notes on tickets 
  • Kiewit has visibility around key metrics such as ticket volumes and agent performance with Scheduled Reports

Kiewit loves to run its business with data. Another big reason to choose Freshdesk was its open APIs and the ability to export data from Freshdesk. When tickets are updated or ticket actions take place, Kiewit uses an API to fetch information from Freshdesk about tickets and time spent on those tickets, which is then pushed to a local SQL database. This database helps Kiewit create custom reports using Tableau and PowerBI. Overall, Freshdesk has helped Kiewit streamline the internal request management process for the EDT team. Based on Freshdesk’s constant improvements and always available support, Tyler is happy that he doesn’t have to worry about whether the system works or not and can divert the team’s attention to resolving requests effectively. And with a CSAT of 93%, the results are there for everyone to see. 

“There is no question that implementing Freshdesk has been and continues to be a huge success for us”

Tyler Nace