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About Knowlarity

Knowlarity offers cloud based telephony services for enterprises and SMBs. Companies can play custom messages to their customers, send faxes online (no paper!) and can host complex IVRs to automate their call systems anyway they want. Knowlarity’s major achievement was tracking and monitoring issues for the Government of India’s Mid-day Meal scheme in the state of Uttar Pradesh using SuperCaller.

How Things Used To Work

Before Freshdesk, Knowlarity used an internally built support software. However, they weren’t too happy with the inefficient system. Conversations got lost in the melee of incoming queries and they weren’t able to keep track of issues. All efforts went into just answering the queries and locating information that they weren’t able to step back, analyse and take a look at the bigger picture.

The Customer Support Challenge

With dissatisfaction growing, Knowlarity made the decision to switch from their internal support system that only helped organize email queries. They were missing out on social media and their major line of communication, the telephone, wasn’t integrated into the system like it could be. So, Knowlarity set out to find a help desk software that would meet all its needs.

“With Freshdesk, we no longer have to focus on collecting the information. We’re able to make confident decisions on our data analysis. The investment is justifiable in terms of insights, time saved and customer relationships!”


Sr Manager, HR


The Freshdesk Experience

Since Freshdesk, support has gotten a complete turnaround at Knowlarity. They’ve integrated Freshdesk with their toll free support line so all calls get recorded and logged in as tickets. The callers then get text messages with their ticket ID so that they can check on the status whenever they want. And with SLAs, the support team no longer has to worry about finding pending tickets that would have gotten lost in the day-to-day debris. Tickets are resolved in time and the customers are all the more happier.

Knowlarity loves Freshdesk mainly because it’s helped make support an efficient, streamlined process. Telephone, email and social media are no longer disparate channels; they are routed into one inbox to present a unified view to the agents. Tickets are now assigned to respective departments in a flash! This way, it’s also easier for the support team to collate similar issues and analyse them to get the big picture.