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Helsinki, Finland

  • Lack of detailed analytics for resource planning
  • No singular view into customer history


  • Trend lines on Analytics Reports can forecast future demands
  • Integration of all support channels created a single source of truth

Hours saved per month 


Increase in NPS


Resolution within SLA


About Koti Puhtaaksi

Koti Puhtaaksi is a dynamic family-run business in Finland that has become a game changer in the cleaning industry. Started in 2011, the company now has over 300 professional cleaners across Finland and it’s only just getting started.Through a combination of innovative cleaning solutions and unbeatable customer service, Koti Puhtaaksi aims to create a happier Finland - one home at a time!

Koti Puhtaaksi’s ambitious plan to become the largest Finnish cleaning company meant that the company needed to revamp its customer support system - and fast. We spoke to Henri Haho, Head of Development at Koti Puhtaaksi, to understand how Freshdesk has transformed the company’s customer service capabilities. 

Overcoming information gaps within customer service

“Our philosophy is that when our employees are happy, our customers are happy,” says Henri. This belief has been fundamental to the inception and growth of Koti Puhtaaksi. The company has even been awarded as one the best places to work in Finland. An important aspect of creating a supportive work culture is providing employees with the tools that they need to perform outstandingly. The company’s existing customer support setup was starting to become an impediment to that.

The support system at Koti Puhtaaksi is segmented into three divisions. The first group collates all incoming tickets and routes them to the most appropriate agents. The second group takes care of easy inquiries (eg. about the price of services or the date of the next cleaning). The third group is responsible for more complex inquiries that require longer timelines and involve multiple departments.

Koti Puhtaaksi has an internal CRM but customer interactions across all three groups were still conducted largely through email and phone. As a result, there was no single repository where past conversations could be recorded and accessed. Only the agent who had spoken with the customer would have context into the customer’s problem. However, with the number of agents and volume of customer queries steadily increasing, this system was no longer effective. 

“Before Freshdesk, I would say that we didn’t actually have ‘customer service’. We had a person attending to the call and answering questions, but we were unable to go that extra mile to really wow a customer.”

henri haho henri haho
Henri Haho

Head of Development

Koti Puhtaaksi

Identifying a scalable support solution

With customer queries pouring in from different channels, the support team at Koti Puhtaaksi needed a single solution to streamline the customer journey and increase visibility of the various touchpoints. Henri and his team identified three main objectives that the new solution needed to meet:

  • Integration of all channels: Customers can get in touch with support through email, call, WhatsApp, and web chat. Each of these channels had to be integrated within a single dashboard so agents could easily pick up the thread and continue a conversation with the customer regardless of which channel they had initially reached out through.
  • Detailed reporting system: During COVID-19, demand predictably saw a drop, but with the situation stabilizing, the company has seen a huge surge in new requests. Henri was on the lookout for a solution that could offer detailed insights on volume trends that would help with resource planning. As he puts it, “If there are too few cleaners, that’s a problem. But if there are too many, that’s a problem too!”
  • Intuitive interface: Employees needed to easily adapt to the new system with minimal training. “We used to have a solution that employees needed 1-2 months of training before they could use it. That’s just too complicated.”

Koti Puhtaaksi narrowed down the list of options to two main solutions: Freshdesk and Zendesk. Ultimately, Freshdesk’s superior ease of use was the clinching factor that helped the company finalize it as its customer service solution. “Our employees were able to understand how to use Freshdesk just by looking at the dashboard!” says Henri. 

Gaining a 360-degree view of the customer

Today, Freshdesk is linked with Koti Puhtaaksi’s CRM solution to provide agents with a holistic view of their customers. All the customer information that is on the CRM and the ticket information that is on Freshdesk is integrated. This has created a single source of truth for agents, who are now empowered to deliver higher-quality, context-driven solutions to customers. With the greater visibility offered by Freshdesk, agents can now solve an average of 1534 tickets per day, compared to 345 tickets resolved per day before Freshdesk.

“Our agents love Freshdesk! They have told us that they now feel ‘safe’ to call a customer,” says Henri. “Previously, it was always a big mystery for them when they got in touch with the customer. They didn’t know the customer’s history or details of their complaints. There were often times when customers would get angry with our support reps because they’d already given the same information to another agent.” With the Freshdesk-CRM integration, agents can easily access when the customer had made their last booking, what time the cleaners showed up, and how happy the customer was with the service. This gives the agents a detailed background going into the conversation and negates the need to ask unnecessary questions. 

Winning with Freshdesk

Apart from a better experience for agents, the implementation of Freshdesk has resulted in three important wins for Koti Puhtaaksi:

  • Deeper performance insights: Koti Puhtaaksi uses Analytics extensively to allocate resources and determine the quality of customer service provided. With the trend lines, the team can anticipate future demands and increase resources accordingly. The team also does frequent reviews of metrics like average call duration and average customer wait times. 
  • Quicker resolution times: With all the information required at their fingertips, agents are able to deliver faster responses and resolutions to customers. Internally, queries get resolved within 10-15 minutes and the final resolution email is sent to the customer within just 3-6 hours. Cumulatively, the solutions offered by Freshdesk have resulted in 1,868 hours saved per month and a 95% adherence to SLAs (compared to 85% previously)
  • Higher NPS: “Our customers are obviously not aware that we have moved to Freshdesk, but we have seen a huge increase in customer satisfaction after implementation. This is proof that our stronger internal support capabilities have translated into a more positive customer experience.” Since moving to Freshdesk, the NPS has increased 13 points, from 49 to 62. In some regions of Finland, the NPS is even higher, at 68!

Looking ahead

2021 is an important year for Koti Puhtaaksi - it’s the company’s 10-year anniversary. “This is a huge milestone for us,” says Henri. “To celebrate, we are conducting a lottery where one person will be gifted with free cleaning services for 10 years. So we will be effectively changing that person’s life.”

As the company continues to reach new heights, it plans to keep upgrading its support capabilities. And next on the horizon for the company’s customer service team is automation. By answering simple queries, such as those related to billing and bookings, through a chatbot, Henri expects customer satisfaction to increase even further. Having transformed the cleaning industry in Finland within just 10 years, it’s safe to say that Koti Puhtaaksi isn't slowing down anytime soon.

“This year, we will have a profit of 1 million euros, which is a 5x growth from last year. I can say with full confidence that we would not be able to grow at this pace without a solution like Freshdesk.”

henri haho henri haho
Henri Haho

Head of Development

Koti Puhtaaksi