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  • Multi-routing capabilities
  • Ticket consolidation on Dashboard
  • Ticket monitoring
  • Canned responses



Improved performance against SLAs


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A B2B SaaS company with multiple products catering to a wide range of organizations, aims to be the premier technology partner to those companies working with Microsoft BizTalk and Azure Serverless. Their new offering Document360, is a cloud-based self-service knowledge base solution that enables users to create, collaborate and publish their knowledgebase articles in real-time.

We spoke to Gowri Ramkumar, Customer Relationship Manager at, to understand how her organization partners with Freshworks in order to provide customers with seamless service experiences.

Why Freshdesk?

“Before Freshdesk, we used email for support. We found that with multiple teams spread across geographies, it was always a challenge to interact and route the queries to the appropriate team and to have them in correspondence with the SLA.” Gowri said.

Gowri and her team began to analyze alternative helpdesk solutions; they were specifically on the lookout for a product that would have a high degree of adaptability and scalability with the mechanism to track, monitor, and adhere to the SLA.

Scaling with Freshdesk first began using Freshdesk when it was still a single product company with around ten customers. Today, has scaled to three revenue-generating products with over 1500 customers across 50+ countries. Gowri and her team attribute that this growth was possible, in part, due to the robust capabilities of Freshdesk.

When asked about the customer service philosophy of, Gowri explained, “Our aim is to primarily make sure that customers are taken care of, understand what it is they want, and set realistic expectations.”

As a multi-product organisation with multifaceted teams, wanted to focus on providing a granular level of support across the platform, and this was made possible by enabling automatic routing across branches.

“Freshdesk has been a great partner for us in keeping track of our ticket activities and making sure that we stick to the SLA deadline. The platform has also helped us achieve a robust, and structured reporting model.” Gowri said, “Features like canned responses and multi-routing capabilities helped us create cross-siloed communication channels from support to engineering teams.”

In addition to this, Freshdesk has allowed the support team at to play a vital role in retaining customers, ensuring customer happiness and also attracting new prospects in a short span of time. “As a SaaS company, our products often scaled periodically, and the adaptive scalability of Freshdesk turned the tables in our favor. It has had a long-lasting impact on our customer relationships -- our CSAT survey showed a remarkable improvement and the number of satisfied grew by 50%.”

“Freshdesk with its rich out of box features has become the core tool of customer support and surviving without it at this point is unimaginable. It has taken the customer relationships to the next level and has sown the roots for a better propellant Customer support”

Sasiprabhu Yuvaraj

Customer Support Specialist

Looking ahead

For, the current priority is to ensure their sales and support teams are moving forward with a single common goal in mind. “This is easier when you’re a smaller company, but as you grow larger, it becomes more critical to ensure everyone is on the same page,” said Gowri.