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  • Lack of ticket tracking mechanism
  • Inadequate reporting
  • No SLA record
  • Lack of ticket tracking mechanism
  • Inadequate reporting
  • No SLA record
  • Parent Child Ticketing
  • Rules – Dispatcher, Supervisor, Observer
  • Canned responses
  • To Do list with reminder

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About LM IT

LM IT, headquartered in Germany and having presence globally, is an IT Services company offering custom services in Consulting, Development, Training, E-Learning and Events.

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The development team within LM IT Services AG is responsible for developing, maintaining and managing applications for medium and large IT companies. The support team facilitates customer requests/issues pertaining to product and services offered by the company to its clients across 30 countries. The company follows a three tier support structure with tickets escalated to tier three (development team) being the last stage of ticket resolution. The tiered approach to support system requires Support team to offer maximum resolution at their level and save Development team (tier-3) from spending time on support issues.

Goal (Challenge)

Prior to implementing Freshdesk, LM IT’s support team was not using any software to manage its service requests / tickets and were primarily relying on “Outlook”, the email based system to respond to requests and tickets. Managing the support system through email posed challenges in appropriate allocation, escalation and resolution of the ticket. An additional challenge is posed by the team being located in several office locations across multiple time zones.

With email being the only method available to customers for raising tickets, it posed below additional challenges to the LM IT team:

  • Difficulty in monitoring and following up on a request/ticket, whether closed, open or pending.
  • Improper allocation of resources – Inadvertently, additional tickets were being sent to the last (third)
tier – Development team, which was an expensive and limited resource to the company, thus resulting in ineffective utilization of resources.
  • Absence of any mechanism to track the adherence of first call response and resolution timelines.
  • Tracking of concentrated concern areas i.e. repeated areas of requests.

Solution we provided

Freshdesk has further supported the company’s existing three tier ticketing system by providing an easy to use and effective ticket management solution. Freshdesk allows allocation of tickets across the three tiers and in particular to the last level (tier 3 – development team) which leads to better utilization of resources and facilitates proper escalation of tickets, a major pain point for the company prior to implementation of Freshdesk.

Post implementation of Freshdesk, key stakeholders have a clear view of whether a ticket has been replied to or not, the number of open tickets and the areas pertaining to which the tickets have been opened in. (Ex – orders, registration and login).

The support agents are able to respond and resolve repeat tickets faster by using the canned responses feature in Freshdesk. Agents find the feature of using dynamic forms in the ticket field very useful and the managers find the availability of various rules of Dispatcher, Supervisor & Observer to allocate and manage tickets very effective. Customer Support Team at LM IT has observed drastic improvement in productivity and improvement in ticket resolution time since the implementation of Freshdesk.

In addition, Freshdesk has improved efficiency by

  • Developing and customizing the parent child ticketing option.
  • Providing valuable Helpdesk insights.
  • Establishing a structured reporting system.

Freshdesk has strengthened the tickets documentation process by facilitating the LM IT team with features such as arranged grouping and customized reporting using multiple key indicators. This has enabled faster response time and improved agent’s efficiency. For example, Freshdesk has made the job of generating a report based on the customer name or specific issue from a particular country only a 2-3 minutes activity. While the same would take at least an hour, surfing through Outlook just to locate the email communication.

“Biggest advantage of using Freshdesk is that it enables the manager to see which agent has replied to a customer and whether an agent has adhered to the timelines or not. Having the complete case history available allows us to respond quickly and thoroughly.”

jeremy mitchell

Support Process Manager



Currently, 18 users at LM IT depend on Freshdesk for providing excellent support to their end customers. LM IT support has been able to demonstrate a significant drop in the number of tickets escalated to tier three, especially critical parameter for the stakeholders whose focus is on the tier three support alias.

With its easy to use interface, Freshdesk has given LM IT a huge advantage in terms of time and cost savings leading to an increase in the revenue.

“Without Freshdesk all of this would be impossible!”

jeremy mitchell

Support Process Manager