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  • Manual management of enquiries
  • Time consuming
  • Manual allocation and tracking
  • Not meeting SLAs
  • Reporting
  • Reporting
  • Ticketing

A little background

Look Fabulous Forever (LFF) offers pro-age makeup products to suit older, eyes, faces and lips. The company has a website for selling products online and it receives direct customer enquiries via website chat, email, and phone. Look Fabulous Forever was looking for a customer support system to manage customer enquiries more efficiently.

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Prior to implementing Freshdesk, the company was managing the inbound customer enquiries manually through emails and phone calls with no easy way to track anything.

Freshdesk, has helped Look Fabulous Forever offer faster resolution to all inbound enquiries and achieve higher customer satisfaction.


Challenges at Look Fabulous Forever

Look Fabulous Forever operates in the niche field of specialty makeup products for mature women. Before the implementation of Freshdesk, the customer support team at Look Fabulous Forever was managing all the enquiries just through the email inbox and the telephone. This made it difficult to keep a track of the inbound enquiries. The customer services team is growing fast and Freshdesk gives the company the opportunity to add new team members quickly and easily.

Manual management and absence of a tracking system increased the risk of losing a prospective customer due to delayed response or missing out on sending the response. With an increase in the number of direct enquiries, it was imperative for Look Fabulous Forever to identify a robust customer support tool to efficiently respond to customer enquiries.


Why Freshdesk

Freshdesk was recommended by Look Fabulous Forever’s IT team who are responsible for managing the company’s website. The company website is built on a Magento platform and the IT team recommended Freshdesk based on prior information on suitability of integration between Magento and Freshdesk.

Based on the recommendation and suitability of the product, Look Fabulous Forever decided to proceed with Freshdesk for better customer management and measurement, especially as the inbound customer requests were increasing dramatically. Look Fabulous Forever chose Freshdesk to work towards ensuring improved customer service and customer satisfaction.


Implementing Freshdesk

Freshdesk implementation at Look Fabulous Forever was a smooth process. Freshdesk was found easy to implement, easy to navigate and easy to understand by the customer service team.

“The Freshdesk implementation was straightforward as the system itself is intuitive.”

Caroline Geraerts

Customer Service Manager

Look Fabulous Forever

Freshdesk Success

Using Freshdesk has enabled the customer services team to better manage their inbound enquiries over the three channels of email, chat and telephone. Freshdesk has also enabled in-depth, analysis of enquiry types and the ability to measure and improve upon response times and ticket resolution.


Key benefits realised after using Freshdesk

  • Centralization and Delegation: Freshdesk has enabled centralization of recording, tracking and monitoring the enquiries received through multiple modes (email, phone, or chat). The tool also helps in delegation of any enquiry to specific team members or other department based on the agent availability.
  • Prioritizing: The team is able to get a list of top 4 common issues pertaining to the service request generated by customers. This helps in faster resolution and ultimately ensures higher customer satisfaction.
  • Tracking: The tracking feature helps the supervisor and support team keep a track on time taken for first call resolution and ensure objectives for response and resolution are met as per defined standards.
  • Reporting: Freshdesk provides intuitive reporting and analytical tools which help the team to track total number of tickets on a daily as well as weekly basis. This gives the team valuable business insights and also helps in service improvements.

Freshdesk has helped Look Fabulous Forever achieve better customer satisfaction with customer reviews stating, “The service offered was second to none” and “wish there were more companies offering such tremendous customer support”. Based on statistics provided by Trustpilot, one of the world’s largest online review communities with over 32 million reviews, Look Fabulous Forever currently rates 9.3 on a scale of 10 on customer satisfaction parameter.

Improvement in analysis and measurement


First call resolution

During working hours

24 hrs
Customer Satisfaction

Trustpilot score after Freshdesk