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About Medius

Swedish software company Medius is a leading global provider of cloud-based spend management solutions. Their mission is to help companies achieve higher cost efficiency and savings through a suite of solutions including automated accounts payable and supplier management tools. Founded in 2001, the company now has over 4000 customers worldwide and 500,000 unique users. One of Medius' applications is MediusGo, a cloud-based tool that automates the accounts payable process.

In order to bring down the number of support tickets, MediusGo wanted to explore automated solutions to improve adoption of self-service. We spoke to Robert Karlstrand, the Customer Center Manager at MediusGo, to understand how Freshdesk has added value to their existing customer service capabilities.


Developing customer self-sufficiency

Before Freshdesk,  MediusGo was using from Salesforce as their customer service solution. But the solution was soon retired and the company needed to explore alternatives. Among the many solutions that the company evaluated, the four key players were Salesforce Lightning, Zendesk, Kayako and Freshdesk. Ultimately, it was the superior ease of use that influenced   MediusGo's final selection of Freshdesk as their  customer service provider. “We didn’t want to use consultants for every move, which we knew would be the case with the other solutions. We wanted to be fairly self-sufficient and request help only if we were really stuck with something. That’s when we made the decision to use Freshdesk and we have not regretted it since,” says Robert. 

Freshdesk’s extensive automation capabilities were also critical in the company’s mission to achieve higher self-service adoption rates among its customers. “Our philosophy is to deflect as many tickets as possible. We want to equip our customers with all the knowledge and tools they require to solve their own issues so that they don’t need to contact us on a regular basis,” says Robert. 


Harnessing the power of automation

MediusGo receives a large volume of support tickets every month so the team relies on a high degree of automation. “We have a support button in our system which  is connected to Freshdesk through an API. As soon as a customer clicks this button, a ticket is generated on Freshdesk with information on where the customer is within the system and other necessary details. This reduces the amount of effort required by a  customer to  raise  a ticket,” shares Robert. The team is analysing the ticket data to try and detect recurring patterns in the words or phrases used. Based on these common patterns, they are then creating a series of automated functions that can identify  this issue whenever it is raised and provide customers with a solution accordingly. Robert estimates that by automating these ticket scenarios, they stand to save around 1 minute per ticket, which cumulatively translates to one employee’s workload per year.   

“Our team members now have more time to focus on complex technical problems that actually require their expertise. Being able to automate a majority of the repetitive mundane requests has been a real hallelujah moment for us.”

Robert Karlstrand

Customer Center Manager


Delivering greater end-customer satisfaction

Freshdesk has helped  MediusGo become more proactive about how they control and resolve  technical issues, which in turn has resulted in a smoother experience for customers.  MediusGo has built an API-based integration between their in-house system and the customer ERP.. If a customer performs an action in the ERP and there is a syncing error the team is notified and can immediately alert the customer and provide them with a solution.

With Freshdesk, it only takes around 15-20 minutes to notify customers of an issue , which  significantly reduces downtime. Speaking about the impact of this integration, Robert says, “Our product is a lot more stable now than it was before Freshdesk because our agents are able to fix errors before  customers report them. For the customer this means they experience far fewer technical glitches and are much happier as a result.” 


Improving agent efficiency with Freshworks

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, the company had a flexible work policy, allowing employees to work from home if they wished to do so. The mobility of the Freshdesk app has allowed agents at  MediusGo to be responsive at all times to customer issues. “The first thing I do when I wake up is check the Freshdesk app to see if there are any open customer issues that I have to take action on,” says Robert. “The app has proved particularly beneficial for our employees who are on sick leave or maternity leave since they can easily respond to customer issues from the comfort of their own home.”

In addition to the app, the knowledge base has helped deflect routine questions and reduce the agent workload.  MediusGo updates the knowledge base with articles (available in Swedish and English) every two weeks. The insights for the new articles are taken from questions that agents report receiving very frequently. “Whenever an agent sends a detailed reply to a customer that they believe should be a part of the knowledge base, they can tag the knowledge base ID in Bcc. This then automatically creates a draft that our editors refine and add to the live knowledge base,” Robert explains. Through the knowledge base, the team hopes to achieve its goal of reducing average tickets per customer from 1 to 0.6. 


Looking ahead

Over the next few months,  MediusGo is planning to launch a new version of its app that will include Freshchat as an option for customers to reach support. The app will also have advanced workflows that can provide more accurate automated answers to customer queries. As the company continues to scale, these automations will be vital to maintaining the same level of speed and efficiency that the team has been able to achieve with Freshdesk. 

“Because we have such a high degree of visibility into tickets coming in through Freshdesk, we are able to find ways to solve them faster and prevent the issues from occurring again. The positive reviews from our customers are proof that the system is working.”

Robert Karlstrand

Customer Center Manager