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About MensXP

The Indiatimes Lifestyle Network (ILN) has captured the attention of 40 million users every month on its owned sites and reaches 160 million on social media as India’s largest online youth lifestyle destination. MensXP, designed as an inclusive community of progressive men, is one of ILN’s newest successes.  

MensXP is a one-stop destination for the urban man, with expert-curated content on everything from fashion to technology. However, the site’s biggest draw is its shop. From self-designed merch to select designer wear, MensXP shop has turned out to be a popular addition to India’s competitive e-commerce market. 

Prioritizing customer experiences

When we spoke to Monika Kothari, Customer Experience Specialist about the customer experiences that have driven MensXP’s success, she was quick to point out the common thread that drives all e-commerce decision-making. “When we think of an e-commerce brand, the thought that immediately follows is ‘customer service’. It is an absolutely essential pillar. So it goes without saying that our customer, and their experience, is our first priority ”, she said.  

Monika knew that her customer service team needed to be always-on to help anyone with the same degree of dedication and quality. This could be anyone just visiting the site, those shopping on it, or customers who have a query. 

Seeing the success of other ILN brands with Freshdesk, Monika implemented it to serve as that single source to help customers with anything and everything they need to have a flawless experience with MensXP as well. 

The solution

The first thing that struck Monika was Freshdesk’s simplicity and intuitive interface. She said, "As the first user of Freshdesk here, I explored the portal completely and I found it to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly - which was very important to us since we wanted our agents to embrace the platform."
Monika added, “The trend now is to expect super-fast delivery. So we receive multiple questions on order statuses.” With Freshdesk’s powerful collaboration features, Monika’s team is able to closely liaise with the logistics team from right within a ticket to keep customers up-to-date. 

For those extra-impatient customers, agents make sure to use the right tags to highlight priority levels and use filters to get to the most urgent ones first. 

“I didn’t have to go searching for the feature I needed - everything was clear and simple, even for a new user.”

Monika Kothari

Customer Experience Specialist


Going the extra mile

With a largely millennial following, Monika knew that social media was a channel of engagement her team need to keep a close eye on. With Freshdesk’s Social Signals, the customer service teams track defined keywords about the brand to make sure every pressing concern is heard and answered. With social signals, social posts that include any of the defined keywords are converted into Freshdesk tickets and are seen through to satisfaction by agents. 

Still keeping millennial behaviour in mind, Monika knew that their demand for instant gratification is one she needed to meet next. Determined to leave no stone unturned, MensXP implemented Freshchat (now Freshdesk Messaging), the modern messaging platform with a Facebook Messenger integration. During the customer service team’s working hours, agents field multiple queries and inquiries over chat and delight customers with a response within minutes. The icing on the cake is the ability of chat support on Messenger, that offers customers the ease and familiarity of a messaging interface they are constantly glued to. 

With the availability of this channel mix, we asked Monika how she handled customers who used multiple touchpoints to reach out. She confirmed with a smile that while customers “contact us multiple times from multiple channels sometimes even on the same day”, Freshdesk serves as a unified platform for all customer context - including profiles, order history, and past conversations. Agents have all the information they need about a customer on a single screen to have valuable conversations.


With a Whatsapp integration in the works, MensXP is ready to build on its success in the future.