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  • Unable to track customer interactions
  • Manual management of customer bookings
  • Inconsistent service levels
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Ticket Management
  • Intelligent routing
  • Workload Management

Tickets in 2017


Average Response TIme

1 hr 18 mins

Resolution SLA


About Meon Valley Business Travel

Meon Valley Business Travel is a UK based professional buyer for worldwide travel requirements. Founded in 2002, Meon delivers three core specialties of Leisure, Business, and 24-hour Emergency Assistance, underpinned by a hunger for excellence and proven appetite for quality, care and value.

Meon’s customers range from private clients through to global brands including SMEs, corporates, and multi-nationals and assistance providers. They also serve new market entrants seeking to extend their brand reach by including travel in their offerings.

They have two locations in the UK; their head office in Petersfield, and their corporate office in Leicester.

Challenges at Meon

Meon was initially looking for a tool that would help them manage their customer interactions in Outlook, when Corporate Director, Colin Boddy, was made aware of Freshdesk through his network and decided to evaluate the customer support software. “My responsibility is to oversee all activities of Meon’s corporate travel division. We needed a tool to streamline all our customer support operations, manage the team’s workload more effectively, and give us visibility of service levels”, says Colin.

A key factor in the decision to move to a customer support platform was the lack of performance insights on service levels that they had using Outlook. As a travel management company, having visibility of the total number of bookings being taken was imperative, and Colin wanted to build an accurate picture of customer behaviour so they could optimise their service. “If we wanted to monitor every single booking that would have been a monumental effort, and we had no insight. We needed a tool that would allow us to put more science behind what we thought was happening.”

Why Freshdesk

Colin worked with two of Meon’s Operational Directors and their IT Business Solutions Manager in assessing customer support tools. These included LiveOpps and other Outlook apps.

“We just liked what we saw straight away with Freshdesk, and liked the ease of the whole buying process. From day one we felt that it was a partnership between Meon and Freshdesk”

Colin Boddy

Corporate Director

Meon Valley Business Travel

Once the Freshdesk team understood Meon’s requirements, Colin and his team went about testing the product. “We tested the product and a few other software platforms before we bought Freshdesk. We liked that the team built a test environment for us to experiment with the tool. This enabled us to work with Freshdesk to make sure we had it configured just right for us by the time of go-live”, says Colin.

Now that all customer support enquiries were being routed through Freshdesk, Meon’s corporate travel division started to gain visibility over performance and better manage the workloads of agents. “If we get a declined booking, we can understand the reasons why. We started getting meaningful data very shortly after implementation, and once we did, we started to find out how long it was taking us to turn around enquiries, and how many bookings were being raised”, says Colin.

Freshdesk benefits and success

Since going live with Freshdesk in December 2016, Meon has been able to streamline the way that they work. Colin states, “we now have meaningful data to understand what our SLA compliance is like, our first response times, and we’ve reduced the amount of manual effort or duplication of efforts among agents. We’ve seen a steady decrease in our first response time over the course of the year.”

In the months following the implementation of Freshdesk, Meon were able to reduce their average 1st response time to 1hr 18 mins. With the improved efficiency of the team, they have been able to start handling significantly more tickets while still achieving an average 1st response time over last 6 months of 1hr 42 mins. They have also seen a 99% Resolution SLA across all cases in 2017, and 87% of tickets are now closed within less than 5 customer responses. All of this has had a very positive impact on their customer satisfaction levels - indeed, they have received just 1% negative feedback over the course of the last year.

Colin’s team is also looking at the data for trends in ticket volumes to manage agent workloads, something they couldn’t do before. “We are now able to report this kind of data back to senior management and to customers which shows a new level of maturity. Management’s lives are much easier as they now have visibility of agent performance and other data we get from Freshdesk.”

The future with Freshworks

Following the success Meon has seen with Freshdesk, they replaced Salesforce with the Freshsales CRM system, and are optimistic about the future of the partnership. “We’re working on how we can get the most out of Freshdesk and Freshsales over the coming months. Our Account Managers will now be able to see what their customers are doing, what issues need attention, and how to provide a truly collaborative customer experience”, concludes Colin.