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About MISA

MISA is an online fashion retailer founded in 2016 by Shadi Askari-Farhat, whose vision was to create a brand inspired by her love for travel, art, and design. Every original design from MISA is handcrafted and tailor-made in Los Angeles, USA.

They’ve had tremendous success over the last couple of years, with their unique fashion designs continuing to attract a growing loyal customer base.

Customer communication comes first for MISA

For the MISA team, having interpersonal conversations with customers is valued the most. Victoria Stanzione, Customer Care Coordinator at MISA, mentions how she and her team go the extra mile to make every order a memorable experience for the customer.

Interpersonal communication is a big part of the MISA culture. We send a handwritten card along with each order to all of our customers, which shows our dedication to adding a personal touch to every customer interaction.”

MISA’s approach to customer service also reflects these values. Victoria and her team try to achieve the perfect balance between personal communication and technology to provide customers the best possible experience. Here’s how Freshdesk aided MISA in managing their customer support & communication.

Keeping up with increased online demand during COVID-19

In 2020, there’s been a significant shift in how consumers purchase products with online shopping seeing explosive growth.

“For many customers, shopping is stress relief, and because they can’t go to physical stores, they're shopping online. Since they know we're a trustworthy brand, they come to us directly for their online shopping needs,” Victoria explained.
In addition, shoppers who previously only went to physical stores were now discovering their brand online, leading to many new customers.

With the increased digital footfall, MISA’s average number of orders rose from around 30-50 a day to about 70-100 a day. More orders directly resulted in higher support volumes, with customers frequently enquiring about their orders and delivery status.

For Victoria, using Freshdesk to help her run customer support during this busy time made all the difference.  “With the increased orders we’ve had to deal with, having Freshdesk to manage responses and reminding us of unresolved issues has been extremely helpful.”

Here’s a breakdown of how the support team approached this challenge of managing high digital demand with Freshdesk:

1. Prioritizing issues: A key objective for Victoria was ensuring that high priority or pending requests were handled first. Using Outlook or Gmail did not make this an easy task as conversations were ordered based on the latest response rather than newer queries appearing at the top.

“The way tickets reappeared at the top of your inbox after you resolved something was based on the latest thread in an email conversation. So if a customer says, 'thank you so much'  that ticket was pushed to the top,” Victoria said.

With Freshdesk, this was no longer a problem. Victoria was able to see the latest and most pressing issues that needed urgent attention at the top of her ticket queue. She could also assign a ‘status’ and ‘priority’ for each ticket and customize the categorization of issues to suit her support team’s needs, which helped them stay organized.

Ticketing Dashboard Ticketing Dashboard

“It's been so refreshing with this approach because I'm able to see all the pending inquiries first, speak to my colleagues and then search the orders related to those tickets”

Victoria Stanzione

Customer Care Coordinator


2. Staying connected with the team: With COVID-19 forcing the team to work remotely, there was a concern of how it would affect collaboration and communication. But that’s where Victoria was able to take advantage of Freshdesk’s powerful collaboration to send messages and share updates with her support agents within the platform.

“Shared ticket ownership was especially helpful during our work from home days. Communicating with my team whether they were in office or at home and being able to share updates or leave notes about customer issues was all done within Freshdesk instead of going back and forth over text or call, or relying on sticky notes.”

With shared ownership, any agent who is given access to a ticket can help resolve the problem, which prevents delays and improves coordination despite employees working remotely from different locations.

Saving time with canned responses

Since the MISA team was shipping out several orders in a day, usually each request containing multiple clothing items, customers would receive it in staggered or partial shipments. Victoria explained how this started to affect their support volumes. “Customers think that we were not aware that the order shipped out partially because when we print out the invoice, it reflects everything. So several customers came back with the same questions like ‘Where's the rest of my order?’ which became redundant for us.”

With the rising volume of repetitive questions, MISA’s support team needed to quick in re-assuring customers.

They achieved this without compromising on personalization with the help of Freshdesk’s canned responses. This feature helped create standardized pre-formatted replies that could be inserted into any message and having placeholders for details such as customer name, agent name, and signatures.

Canned responses- Edit window Canned responses- Edit window

“Canned responses have been so helpful because we're able to avoid typing out the same message 25 times a day but still personalize it for every customer. It was much quicker than previously when we were using Microsoft Word,” revealed Victoria.

She further explained that canned responses specifically came in handy when replying to refund queries that customers asked frequently, and helped achieve a 50% ticket deflection rate.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, Victoria and her team plan to implement AI and chatbots to provide support for customers during her team’s off-hours and weekends.

”We want to implement a bot, within our chat, so that customers who are on the website at 3:00 a.m. on a Saturday can place an order with the help of a little friendly chatbot, rather than waiting until Monday to speak to an agent. This way, we also won’t have any pending voicemails or queries when we come back to work.”

MISA’s extraordinary commitment to creating inspired designs and providing a personalized customer experience resulted in a 49% ‘return customer’ rate.