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About Mous

Mous was created on the realization that tech accessories could offer heroic protection, deeply considered style and limitless functionality. Founded in 2014 by a group of experts with experience across design, engineering, and product, they brought their first iPhone case to market in 2017, raising a total of $2.5 million in pre-orders as part of a record-breaking crowdfunding campaign. Since then, they’ve developed their approach to design and engineering to create a whole range of phone cases, phone accessories, AirPods cases, iPad cases, wireless chargers, MacBook sleeves, and many more to come.

In 2020, as the UK economy became impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic, digital retail experienced a 5% uplift in online transactions. As a relatively small enterprise, it was challenging for Mous to scale their support team to meet the sudden growth in customer demand for their products. Freshworks’ software as a service Freshdesk enabled Mous to respond to the situation very quickly –as enquiries rocketed, they managed to maintain a fast first response time and a high ticket resolution rate with minimal negative impact on the customer experience. What’s more, thanks to Freshworks, Mous could spend less time managing a complex support platform and focus instead on their core business areas designing products and selling to customers.

Challenge: Managing customer enquiry surges during seasonal demand

When Catherine Hancock, Head of Customer Experience, joined Mous, there were only 6 agents managing support tickets. “In the early days we didn’t have quite as clear a vision and appreciation of what customer experience meant as we do today,” says Catherine. “I remember we would often see sudden, unexpected spikes in demand and had to respond to the situation reactively”. This was despite the fact that the spikes tended to follow a predictable pattern, like the seasonal hike at Christmas, or surges whenever new Apple products were launched often in September. Mous’s first Christmas, in 2017, was particularly daunting: many pre-orders were delayed in the shipping process and almost overnight thousands of emails came in from customers chasing their orders. “I remember that being a big lesson for us,” continues Catherine. “At that point we’d had Freshworks installed for a while but hadn’t spent the time learning how to use it effectively. We were missing opportunities to use the product to help us identify and prioritize certain customer pain points.”

To help drive the company’s growth, Mous then changed how they operate with a new streamlined interconnected support system. If Christmas 2017 was the wake-up call for the Mous Support team, 2020 was the testing ground. Sales boomed during the first weeks of Covid-19 lockdowns globally, and it was difficult to hire new agents at that time to cope with the high support demand. Instead of focusing on adding new heads, the team focused on optimizing existing tools like Freshdesk by adding integrations to automate and streamline the customer and agent experience.

Solution: Streamlining with Freshdesk and Messaging

Mous began to see the benefits of making better use of Freshdesk’s capabilities, exploiting its core functionality, and integrating the software with other ecommerce applications. “We use Zapier to call information from other systems into Freshdesk so that our team can stay within the one system when searching for customer order information or tickets,” says Catherine. “We also began exploring how we can use the automatic features in Freshdesk to help us prioritize queues, manage and track our SLAs, and use custom dashboards to keep a helicopter view on all of the tickets coming through. "

Most recently, Mous have soft launched the AI powered chatbots of the Freshdesk Messaging tool. As they continue to develop this functionality over the coming months, Catherine hopes it will further reduce response times and guide customers to positive resolutions quickly and easily.

“Freshdesk has helped us cut down some of the workloads for the team. By auto-categorizing tickets with the use of custom fields, our agents can be far more efficient with their time.”

Catherine Hancock

Head of Customer Experience


Benefits: Speedy response times increase customer satisfaction

Over the last 3 years Mous has expanded its agent count from 6 to 30 agents, due to fast-growing sales and an ever-expanding product range. They’ve also seen impressive leaps to their SLAs. “A few years ago, we had tickets yet to be actioned that were over a week old,” says Catherine. “Our SLAs for first response times are now targeted internally at below 24 hours and we’ve met 90% of the target over the last six months to date. With the launch of Freshdesk Messaging, we’re aiming to reduce first response times for Live Chat customers even further, to under two minutes. This becomes much more difficult as we enter our peak season from September, but we’re ready for the challenge!”

With the onset of the pandemic, all of Mous’s Support team began working from home, where it became more difficult to manage their roles and responsibilities remotely. Thankfully, Freshdesk’s reporting and analytics gives the management team insight into how everyone is doing and what they are working on. Catherine can track agents’ performances, ticket loads, stop-gaps, etc. and it's extremely easy to loop agents into tickets, assign tasks to others, and shuffle around responsibilities inside Freshdesk’s user-friendly interface.

Conclusion: Further reducing response and resolution times with Messaging

Freshworks capabilities have become a differentiating factor for the Mous CX team. Their top priorities are response efficiency and resolution speed, which are now even further improved by Freshdesk Messaging. “I think Live Chat is such an expectation these days for businesses,” says Catherine. “It’s something we’ve shied away from in the past, as we were nervous about the size of team we’d need to operate it effectively. However, with the pandemic and our ever-increasing customer base, it’s become necessary and we know it is often a much better customer experience than email."

 Mous is an early adopter of the Fresh Messaging service, and they are confident it will further improve customer response times, allowing them to maintain high standards of service and customer satisfaction. “Hopefully we can encourage customers who are delighted with the service to consider purchasing from us again in future,” continues Catherine. “We have a whole ecosystem of products that we’d like to educate people on and encourage them to buy into.”

“We're hoping that Live Chat will not only enable us to manage ordering, shipping or product enquiries more efficiently across the team, but will ultimately help us achieve our main goal of providing an unparalleled level of customer service in a competitive market.”

Catherine Hancock

Head of Customer Experience