• Infeasible ticketing system
  • Loss of time
  • Wastage of resources
  • Knowledge base
  • Customer Happiness Survey
  • Canned Responses
  • Reporting

Tickets resolved


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Months on Freshdesk


The Company

Launched in 1992, Nebu is the brainchild of Eric van Velzen and Fred Broers. Eric and Fred were inspired to start providing innovative solutions to market researchers with focus on co-creation and support. Nebu is a market leader in supplying quantitative data collection software.

Dub InterViewer is a multi­mode data collection system which gives market researchers and marketing professionals more choice and independence. Nebu uses technology which does not discriminate between WAPI, CAPI and CATI, as it uses one script for all three modes. This system benefits from a dynamic questionnaire design for CATI and WAPI, as well as extensive multilingual capabilities.

Nebu has grown into a competitive, leading brand operating globally, with offices in the Netherlands, UK and Hungary, and partnerships with agents in Sweden, Germany, USA, and Australia. Nebu continues to invest in its products and improve them as they strive to provide their clients with the best data collection tool.


The Problem

Ever since inception, Nebu was managing incoming tickets with the help of Outlook. With time, the tickets started pouring in through various channels and Nebu decided to develop a homemade ticketing system. Problems surfaced as the ticketing system was conflicting with its business. It became clear that the company was wasting time and money developing and maintaining a ticketing system instead of focussing on its core business.


The Solution

Nebu started looking out for a meritable ticketing system approximately two years ago. They drew up a comprehensive plan of requirements with which they surveyed several helpdesks. The no-nonsense nature and extensive features of Freshdesk mapped the needs of Nebu in a helpdesk perfectly. After shortlisting three other helpdesk services, Nebu’s team members went for a detailed Freshdesk demonstration that covered all their questions, and they quickly concluded that Freshdesk was the best helpdesk for the company.

“Freshdesk makes it easy to keep track of customer satisfaction with their survey that is sent out as soon as a ticket is resolved. This is so convenient and easy to track. The gamification feature is awesome and fun, and it really motivates the agents to push themselves further.”, says Wouter Eijben, Chief Service Officer at Nebu.

“Since we started using Freshdesk, our customer satisfaction rate has increased because everything we do is transparent and we are able to take direct action upon that which we measure.”

Wouter Eijben

Chief Service Officer


The Benefits

The customer support agents at Nebu started noticing a stark upswing in the way they handled tickets. They were able to easily add solution articles to their Freshdesk’s knowledge base which reached their customers directly. The knowledge base helped in a drastic decrease in the number of tickets that used to accumulate earlier.

With their previous ticketing system, the support agents were only focussed on solving a particular ticket and did not focus on measuring data. After their shift to Freshdesk, they have developed a clear understanding of how a ticket is handled. They now can measure the metrics that are associated with each ticket. Freshdesk’s customer satisfaction survey helped them follow up with their customers and immediately act on a bad review.

The customer support agents at Nebu now answer common questions with a single click. They now are able to create canned responses to attend to those questions which used to clog their previous helpdesk, which saves them a lot of time.