Financial Services



  • Email system unable to meet mounting customer conversations
  • Slow, delayed responses impacting customer satisfaction

Increased customer satisfaction by


Reduced first response time by 

1 hour

The Company

Northmill is a Swedish fintech company founded in 2006 with offices across Sweden, Finland and Poland. Driven by its vision of using technology and innovation to simplify financial processes for everyone, Northmill develops best-in-class, straightforward and secure financial services. Northmill has witnessed exponential growth since its inception, with over 400,000 users for its products as of 2018.

Bringing Customer Service on Par with Product Excellence

Growth has been a constant in Northmill’s journey with an annual rate of 60% and a product portfolio of three (soon to be four) brands. Another constant has been the company’s steadfast belief that nothing less than excellence would do for their customers. While the products withstood the test of this promise, increasing volumes had left Northmill grappling with the inadequacies of a less-than-ideal customer service mechanism. With only 35 agents catering to the 400,000 strong user base from 2 countries, managing customer conversations on email were no longer proving to be feasible. This prompted Chief Customer Officer Simon Nilsson to find a solution that would take the reins, enable agents to keep pace with burgeoning customer conversations and deliver exemplary service.

Empowering Agents With an Intuitive, Easy-to-implement Solution

With a host of features and automation on an intuitive and easy to navigate interface, Freshdesk served as a seamless solution to help Northmill meet its high standards for customer service excellence. All 35 of Northmill’s agents across Sweden and Finland were brought on board with ease, helping the organization establish a cohesive support mechanism. By regaining control of their customer interactions, Northmill was able to go beyond survival mode to scale and develop their processes further.

With Freshdesk, Northmill empowered its agents:

  • implement easily understandable productivity features to help them manage their workflows efficiently
  • effectively keep track of customer conversations by converting emails to tickets that can be prioritized, categorized and assigned
  • auto-assign tickets by setting customized rules to efficiently segregate queries among their various brands
  • leverage customizable automation to improve response times
  • derive insights from custom reports to consistently elevate customer satisfaction

“We do not settle for anything less than best-in-class service for our customers. This means ensuring that we deliver a fast and secure service where customers always get the help they need from talented agents with a service-minded approach. Freshdesk helps us do that by providing us with a tool that makes it possible for us to secure all metrics needed and make our agents work more efficiently and with better control”

Taking Customer Service to the Next Level

As Northmill continues to grow at a rapid pace, the company looks forward to pushing the boundaries of customer service excellence with plans to introduce chat support that integrates with the current helpdesk system. They are also looking to onboard more agents as they expand to new countries and markets, and estimate to be a 100-agent team in the next three years.

“Freshdesk is user-friendly and offers great features that have helped us take our customer service to the next level. Freshdesk is now a natural part of our business. I know that every agent working with it thinks that it is a huge improvement that makes their workdays better.”

Simon Nilsson

Chief Customer Officer