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About OneFile

OneFile is a software development company specializing in apprenticeship software. It develops software which enables users to complete their apprenticeship online instead of having to use a paper-based portfolio. Founded in 2005, the company has grown to over 700 customers and many more platform users worldwide, many of whom are based in the UK. 

To ensure that their support team continued to deliver excellent customer service as the company scaled, OneFile needed to revamp its support system. We spoke to Adam Fogo, Head of Customer Service at OneFile, to understand how Freshdesk, the system they chose, has impacted the company’s customer service capabilities.

Adapting to growing demands

Before adopting Freshdesk, OneFile was using Kayako, an on-premise help desk solution. The software was hosted on internal servers, making access difficult for staff working remotely, a problem that could have escalated when the Covid 19 pandemic hit in 2020 and the entire staff had to work from home. Another challenge presented by the incumbent Helpdesk tool Kayako was that it did not integrate with any of the company’s other internal systems, a scenario that was clearly not sustainable long term. 

So OneFile started looking for a help desk that would tackle the existing limitations - the new solution needed to provide live chat functionality, integrated VoIP software and seamlessly integrate with other internal systems. Essentially, the business wanted a help desk solution that would provide a one-stop shop for all their customer-centric operations.


Comprehensive help desk search ends 

When Adam started in his role of Head of Customer Service in 2019, he made it a priority to find a new help desk provider that would address the challenges his team were facing. “In my first couple of weeks, I met with every member of the team to make sure I understood their biggest frustrations, pain points and day-to-day challenges. Everyone said that inaccurate reporting, disorganized data, inefficient tools and the lack of connectivity were the main things holding them back,” shares Adam.

Based on this feedback, he drew up a list of requirements for the new system which included an integrated phone system, gamification, connectivity for remote working and more.  A small project team evaluated a short list of providers using a points-based system which rated each option fully satisfied, partially satisfied, or not satisfied. Compared to its competitors, Freshdesk was a clear front-runner.

“In the end, a resounding decision was made by all stakeholders to go ahead with Freshdesk as it was the preferred available solution.”

Adam Fogo

Head of Customer Service


Leveraging powerful Freshdesk features

OneFile has implemented Freshdesk Omnichannel across every stage of the customer service journey. Four features in particular have proven to be useful for the team:

  • Effortless Omnichannel capabilities

Freshdesk Omnichannel combines OneFile’s help desk, live chat and phone system within one efficient platform. The previous system generated inefficiencies by forcing staff to receive calls on one system and create the corresponding help desk tickets on another. So every phone call needed 4-5 mins of additional manual effort to log and update a ticket. With Freshdesk Omnichannel, automation has eliminated this second step from the process and OneFile are delighted that average call wait-times have been brought down from 56 seconds to 22 seconds, as a result.

Before Freshdesk, agents had a tendency to cherry-pick tickets which meant that the unpopular, more complex queries were avoided and experienced the slowest response times. Now, Freshdesk Omnichannel auto-assigns tickets based on agent availability, which ensures the workload is balanced across customers and the team, and quick response times are maintained for all incidents in equal measure.  

  • Insightful reporting and analytics

One of the most powerful advantages of using Freshdesk for OneFile is its reporting and analysis capability. Adam, a self-confessed data nerd, routinely uses insights from Freshdesk Analytics to monitor performance, identify improvements and inform decisions on staff recruitment. Analysis of ticket volumes and response times also plays an integral role when planning resources for the upcoming year. 

The team uses Analytics to produce a weekly high-level report showing all outstanding customer issues. As Adam explains, “These reports allow us to have a conversation with our Product team and flag which issues need to be fixed the quickest to keep customers happy.  This has had a huge impact on our ability to resolve major pain points for our customers.”

  • Exhaustive knowledge-base

Freshdesk’s knowledge base has been pivotal in reducing the volume of incoming tickets as the number of active users has grown. Today OneFile users have access to over 200 articles and 20 videos and recorded webinars. They can also vote on more than 300 community-raised ideas and interact with the forums which have also been developed over the last 12 months. The articles and forums have been effective in ticket deflection, one of the reasons why OneFile chose FreshDesk.

“The knowledge base articles and user guides in the support portal get around 7000 views per month. Even if only 10% of visitors find the answers that they were looking for, that's potentially 700 fewer tickets than we would otherwise have had to handle”, explains Adam.

  • Freshdesk-Jira integration

The Freshdesk-Jira integration ensures that agents and the engineering team can collaborate effortlessly. Any known issue or customer problem raised through the help desk is seamlessly linked to an existing, or a new, issue in Jira. This helps developers get visibility of the volume of inquiries coming in for a particular problem and achieve a faster resolution as a result. “The Freshdesk-Jira integration is working really well. It is quite easy and quick to link a customer case to a Jira ticket. The data in both systems are interlinked, any time a ticket status is changed in Jira, it automatically gets reflected in Freshdesk,” elaborates Adam.

Evolved customer experiences

Freshdesk Omnichannel has completely transformed OneFile’s customer support function. As Adam explains, “Our team were used to a number of different systems with data scattered all over the place. They are grateful to have access to the Freshdesk Omnichannel solution because it’s made everyday tasks easier and has vastly improved their enjoyment at work. I’ve had members of the team say things like, ‘How did we cope before we had a solution like this?’, and it’s great to hear this kind of positive feedback!”

Empowering the customer support agents has led directly to improvements in the overall customer experience. Enhancements have been noticed in three key areas: higher customer satisfaction, a decrease in ticket volume, and higher agent productivity.

  • Higher CSAT score: Customer satisfaction has gone up from 95% to 98% due to the faster response times and better visibility of data, which has empowered our staff to provide a better and more personal experience to our customers. Additionally, the response rate to satisfaction surveys sent to customers has doubled giving the team a more accurate representation of customer experience. Adam attributes this huge increase to the improved ease in submitting the CSAT rating. “When we were using Kayako, customers would have to click on a link that would lead them to a web page where they could fill out a form. Using Freshdesk, however, they can submit their response at the click of a button directly from our emails.”
  • Improved tickets/users ratio: Ticket ratio improved from 3.66 to 1.13 tickets per 100 logged in users since implementing Freshdesk. This has largely been due to features like the extensive knowledge base that has improved customer adoption of self-service.
  • Boost in agent productivity: Easily accessible knowledge resources, omnichannel features, internal systems integration, and intelligent ticket assignment have positively impacted agent productivity. With Freshdesk Omnichannel, OneFile agents now exceed customer expectations.
Next steps for OneFile

OneFile is keen at providing a positive experience at every touchpoint across the customer lifecycle. Whether a customer is onboarding, trying to speak to the customer success team, or seeking support - OneFile aims to provide the best customer service at every interaction. 

The focus for the next 12 months will be on customer onboarding. OneFile aims to speed up the onboarding process by giving customers access to training, information, and other resources. An onboarding team has been set up to help new customers to get up and running. Aiming to match the performance levels of their customer services teams OneFile expects the knowledge base and self-service features to play a critical role in helping onboarding to support and delight their customers beyond their expectations.