Customer Satisfaction


Average First Response Time

1 hour

Closing a contract is a long drawn out process, with endless negotiations and delays. Oneflow is a Swedish SaaS start-up that speeds up the last mile between negotiation and closure to help customers get contracts signed up to 8 times faster. 

Oneflow allows businesses to create, send, track, and e-sign contracts online. It replaces the regular traps of PDF and paper documentation with e-contracts that are interactive, responsive and editable in real-time. 


First-line support for last-mile contract closures

Oneflow serves customers of all sizes. From personal license accounts to businesses with hundreds of users, Oneflow caters to customers with different requirements and degrees of complexity. However, the need for quick and effective first-line support is a constant across the customer base. We spoke to Sherin Amini, Customer Success & Care Manager, to find out how her team tackles everything from product set-up queries to bug fixes.

Sherin came in to set up Oneflow’s support organization from the ground up, inheriting a Zendesk implementation in the process. When she looked deeper beyond its old-fashioned interface, she found a clunky, complex solution. Even her IT team found difficult to navigate and configure Zendesk to match their support requirements. As a rapidly growing start-up, Oneflow needed a solution that could evolve with the organization and allow Sherin to focus her attention on her customers, not her customer service platform.


The universal principles of Indian Democratic Design

Sherin’s needs echoed the principles that define our offerings at Freshworks: Simplicity, Self-reliance, Scalability, Craftsmanship, and Affordability. These are the defining properties of a concept we like to call Indian Democratic Design

With this shared mindset, Sherin found the perfect solution in Freshdesk:

  • Simplicity: an easy to understand, intuitive helpdesk that agents navigate effortlessly

  • Self-reliance: implemented rapidly by a small internal team, without dependencies on external consultants

  • Scalability: agents can manage growing volumes effectively and focus on building deeper customer relationships. Automations free up their time by taking over manual tasks like:

    • routing queries to the right teams 

    • providing status updates to customers

    • sending out post-resolution satisfaction surveys 

    • closing inactive tickets after a pre-set time period

  • Craftsmanship: a modern, self-managing tool that unifies customer data onto a single, elegant platform that agents love using and are able to collaborate on seamlessly

  • Affordability: world-class customer service at economies that work for Oneflow


Keeping the customer front and center

With Freshdesk, the customer is at the front and center of everything Oneflow does. Freshdesk’s advanced analytics offers Sherin valuable insights that guide product and service improvements that wow customers. Oneflow’s consistent 100% CSAT scores speak for themselves.

Next on Sherin’s agenda is to establish a Freshdesk forum for a thriving community of Oneflow users to exchange ideas and have a larger say in product development.