• Lack of multi-product support
  • Expensive outsourced support
  • Low Customer satisfaction
  • Phone channel
  • Phone dashboard
  • Automations
  • Reports

SLA resolution


Tickets per month


Average Resolution Time

38 hrs

The Company is a leading online fax platform that provides multi-faceted internet-based fax solutions to individuals and organizations, both small and large. Their easy-to-use platform allows users to send and receive faxes through email, online portal and smartphone.

As an industry leader, employs over 60 people who work out of the US, Philippines and Malaysia. It has been able to amass 80,000 customers in a short span of time by building multiple online fax products with different pricing and feature set targeting different markets.’s customer support center, based out of Philippines, has over 30 agents who are deeply committed towards ensuring successful outcomes for every client.

The Problem wanted to be the industry leader not just based on the market share, they also wanted to be the best at customer support in the industry. But their previous helpdesk provider,, was not up to the challenge. needed a single helpdesk to manage customer support for all products but did not build the promised multi-product/ multi-brand functionality soon enough. Apart from this, also faced a lot of issues with call forwarding and call routing, which created havoc amongst their agents when they were with their clients on the phone.

The Solution

The company went on the lookout for a better customer support software that would extend efficient support across multiple products seamlessly. Most smaller providers did not offer multi-product/ multi-brand functionality and even though Zendesk did meet their expectations at the time, it was cost prohibitive. Freshdesk, on the other hand, was not only able to provide the multi-product/portal feature but also at a competitive cost. Though they were initially hesitant to switch from, Freshdesk’s telephony integration and hasslefree UI nudged them into sealing the deal.

“Freshdesk has everything most helpdesk providers have, at a much lesser cost. They also have a sense of warmth and personality that doesn’t exist with Zendesk/”

Mira Yardan


The Benefits

From the very beginning, Freshdesk trumped over their previous customer support software with its user friendly interface. It took them less than a week to make the switch completely.

The built-in phone channel is tightly integrated with Freshdesk, a feature that made it easy for their agents to manage all the channels from a single place. They were able to direct calls to the right agents using IVR and assign tickets to the right agents using business rules. These rules were also set up to close tickets after a particular time period and to follow up on the tickets created by enterprise clients, which saved the agents time. The agents got to answer more tickets and their productivity shot up.

With the increase in productivity, Freshdesk’s reports turned out to be really useful for They were able to generate the agent performance report for the day with just a click.

Although, their favourite feature turned out to be the phone dashboard. It helped the admin keep an eye on agent availability and jump in to the rescue when all their agents were busy. It also helped them to keep track of their agent activities and make informed decisions based on it. After switching to Freshdesk, the company now takes an average of 6500 inbound calls per month from their 14 different local numbers in the US. has been able to make their customers and their agents happy in one go using Freshdesk.

First Call Resolution

Improvement of 21%

Calls per month


Average Response Time

2 Hrs