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About Open Study College

Open Study College offers distance education courses in a diverse range of fields. The students are assigned tutors once they sign up. Tutors and students are scattered geographically so all communication is through emails. Providing over 160 courses, Open Study College boasts over 30,000 students at any time with courses ranging from Animal Behaviour to Psychology.

What did they need?

Andy Hawthorne of Open Study College needed to categorize emails and implement a comprehensive rating system for the students. Open Study College realized that their current process was awry when they discovered that most of the student emails were complaints about tutors. Andy told us that they weren’t able to distinguish between genuine emails about unsatisfactory tutor responses and malignant emails that were caused by student grudges. Even if they managed to isolate the problem factors, providing training to the tutors to better student-tutor communication was a struggle.

They investigated a little and decided that they needed a solution that would help them organize all their correspondence and help them figure out which tutors needed help.

Freshdesk vs Zendesk

After some research, Open Study College began sampling various help desk software. They managed to narrow it down to Zendesk and Freshdesk. Zendesk fit all their requirements but they found it overly complex and hard to figure out. Another minus was the price. They weren’t sure whether the features available were worth the price.

Freshdesk fit all their requirements - they found it easy to use and the design, simplistic. A price comparison with Zendesk turned out to be the cincher and Open Study College chose Freshdesk, a decision they are very happy about.

“We’d like to keep Freshdesk to ourselves and hope our competitors don't find it. We’d like to keep the competitive advantage. When things go wrong, there is someone always on hand to help. We’re really really happy that we found you!”

Andy Hawthorne

Web Developer

Open Study College

The Freshdesk Experience

Open Study College loves Freshdesk simply because it’s made them more efficient. No email goes missing, no ticket is overdue and time is saved. Customer satisfaction surveys are a particular favorite because it gives them the hard numbers necessary to weed out bad eggs. Analysing reports and average response times has made the whole support process a lot more efficient. They use a lot of custom software which made them happy about FreshPlugs. They’re able to pull in information from custom software into Freshdesk in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.

“We’ve never had to wait for a response. That’s something we’re really happy about. When things are wrong, you guys are always on hand”, says Andy. “There’s a good chain of command that makes sure things always get done. We’re really really happy that we found you !”