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About Open Study College

Open Study College offers over 700 distance learning courses in a diverse range of subjects, from Accountancy to Animal Care, and from Beauty Therapy to Bookkeeping. Learners are assigned tutors once they sign up, and as both learners and tutors are located all around the world, operating remotely, all communication is via email.

What did they need?

The development and academic teams at Open Study College needed to categorise emails and implement a comprehensive rating system for their learners. Open Study College realised that their current process was awry when the business started to grow and with the volume of learners and tutors increasing, it was becoming difficult to keep on top of feedback from both parties.

They investigated a little and decided that they needed a solution that would help them organise all their correspondence.

Freshdesk vs Zendesk

After some research, Open Study College began sampling various help desk software. They managed to narrow it down to Zendesk and Freshdesk. 

Freshdesk fit all their requirements - they found it easy to use and the design, simplistic. A price comparison with Zendesk turned out to be the clincher and Open Study College chose Freshdesk, a decision they are very happy about.

“Freshdesk is a means for our students and tutors to communicate. It takes all the management of communication away from standard email and doesn’t bombard our systems. It allows us to manage how that communication is performed and report on tutor response times and our learner satisfaction.”

Scott Baker

Head of Operations

Open Study College

The Freshdesk Experience

Open Study College loves Freshdesk simply because it’s made them more efficient. No email goes missing, no ticket is overdue and time is saved. Customer satisfaction surveys are a particular favourite because it helps them ensure they’re offering the best possible service and their 100,000 learners are happy. Analysing reports and average response times has made the whole support process a lot more efficient. They use a lot of custom software which made them happy about FreshPlugs. They’re able to pull in information from custom software into Freshdesk in a straightforward and uncomplicated manner.