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South Africa

  • No visibility into query statuses
  • Inability to track repeat queries
  • Lack of insights to make staffing or process decisions 
  • Automations & Dispatch’r rules
  • Reports & analytics

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About Point Group

The Point Group specializes in the procurement, management and delivery of end-to-end marketing solutions. Point’s Regional offices are located in South Africa and UAE, and the organization has a presence in Zambia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Morocco, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Point services customers across the world through its expertise, global partnerships and broad supplier network.

Reinventing legacy processes

Point previously managed queries on Google spreadsheets, with no helpdesk solution in place. This time-consuming method detracted from their mission of solving queries fast and delighting customers with creative solutions. There was:

  • no visibility into query statuses

  • no way to track repeat queries

  • no insights to make informed decisions on staffing, training, or process improvement 

When Functional Support Manager, Craig Green, took over from his predecessor, he immediately initiated the search for a better solution. After evaluating Freshdesk’s features and observing how clunky its alternatives were, Craig was able to make his choice. Freshdesk was implemented across multiple teams who dealt with internal and external customers.

The Freshdesk advantage

With Freshdesk, Craig has been able to automate query assignment to the right teams by setting up groups and automation rules. This has empowered agents to support the unique needs of suppliers and end customers with ease and speed. Freshdesk has also enabled Point to:

  • effectively monitor queries across their lifecycle 
  • track recurring queries to find long term solutions 
  • oversee agent and group performances to making staffing decisions

Way forward

Craig is keen to explore advanced routing capabilities like round-robin and skill-based assignment. He is also looking forward to making processes more efficient and reduce response times with the shared-ownership feature. 

“If it’s not in Freshdesk, it doesn’t happen.”

Craig Green

Functional Support Manager

Point Group