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Average resolution time

2.5 hrs

The story

In the summer of 2012, Pink Floyd fanboy Bharat Sethi found that it was almost impossible to buy good posters online. The ones available were either cheap knock-offs or were of too poor quality to showcase the full glory of the likes of Led Zeppelin and Batman.

So, Bharat decided to build his own shop with quality merchandize to help out fellow pop culture enthusiasts. He knew from experience that startup success was fueled by devoted customers who brought in more people as they returned. He knew he had to go further than solving customer problems and start actually talking to them. So, a dedicated team was set up to tackle all incoming emails and problems as fast as they could. Live chat was set up to help those who were having problems finding or deciding what to buy.

The website was put through multiple design changes to ensure that customers would have the best experience while browsing through prints. Everything from signing in to checkout to delivery was designed to ensure the best possible experience for customers. And the customers responded with their wallets.

Their fantastic products, quick responses and excellent service made a lot of ripples. Demands for a wider variety of posters grew as fast as their customer base. New designs poured in everyday. And tons of designers from amateur students to professional artists signed up, contributing their ideas and artwork to meet the ever-growing demands for a larger collection of merchandise. The entire process grew large and unwieldy enough that it couldn’t be supported just by email.

“It is not just a helpdesk with a bunch of buttons. Freshdesk is now a part of PosterGully, helping us grow”

bharat sethi bharat sethi
Bharat Sethi

Founder & CEO


Why Freshdesk

Since PosterGully’s method of operation required excellent customer satisfaction, Bharat knew that any tool or software used for delivering such excellence must be equally good. So, he trialed various helpdesks himself. He used several products, including Zendesk and Uservoice. But Bharat found that the products weren’t a good fit for their way of working. He found that the software he was trying out was actually complicating things instead of making it simpler.

Then, he checked out Freshdesk.

He realized that a powerful helpdesk needn’t necessarily be the one with the most buttons. Or the one that cost the most. The system was intuitive, simple to use without needing any tutorials and he didn’t have to put in any effort into setting the whole thing up. 10 days into his Freshdesk trial, Bharat knew that they weren’t going to leave. Freshdesk converts every question they get into a ticket, gives it priorities, sets SLAs, threads conversations, deletes duplicates, and in general, gives agents breathing space so that they can handle questions properly and not hurry.

From the customer side of things, the portal and software are almost invisible. They never have to learn what a ticket is or why it has a number, thanks to the new widget on PosterGully's website. All they know is that they are talking to “Bharat” from PosterGully.

And they never face a problem in getting their posters.