About Rediker

In 1979, Richard Rediker, a high school chemistry teacher, was looking for a better way to track classroom attendance. Rediker wrote his own software program to track this without having to rely on paper and pencil. Today, this idea has blossomed into a comprehensive student information system and Rediker Software serves schools in all 50 states in The US and in 115 countries world-wide. Rediker has over 100,000 teachers using the TeacherPlus Web Gradebook with 2 million end users and they processed 75,000 admission forms last year. This growth is backed by a top-class customer support team with an industry high CSAT rating of 92%.

The Challenge

When Rediker Software launched its services, they relied on a shared inbox to field customer queries coming in via email. As Rediker’s customer base grew, they realized that a shared inbox was not scalable. John Daigle, Head of Technical Support Operations, was tasked to look for a viable solution. John, a customer support veteran with experience at StubHub and Apple, knew that Rediker needed a customer support platform that is simple to set up and highly scalable to match the company’s growth.

The Need for Proactive Customer Support

While the support team at Rediker was resolving customer queries with a record satisfaction rating, John discovered that they were reacting to issues and not solving the root causes. Any proactive efforts to solve recurrent issues lacked sufficient evidence to convince the development team and management to make upstream changes.

“Due to the usual issues with agent tagging in a support team, we only had five reliable tags to categorize customer calls. Agents spend their time helping customers and often forget to tag tickets or opt for the easiest ones. Even when agents do tag tickets, they often don't tag in a repeatable or consistent way and with too few predefined tags, customer cases will not be accurately represented.” This left Rediker with very little actionable information coming back from support on what issues were commonly popping up and how to solve them. Rediker needed a solution that could analyse customer conversations at scale and provide real, actionable data based on what their customers tell them.

The Cx MOMENTS Solution

Rediker ended their search with Cx MOMENTS, a multi-award winning solution and a partner on the Freshdesk Marketplace. Cx MOMENTS applies Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques to detect and trends, topics in support activity, find customer issues, reasons to contact, bugs and product mentions. In 3 clicks and without a single line of code, Cx MOMENTS groups customer queries into buckets or categories that are relevant to the business and industry.

“After using Cx MOMENTS to categorize our Freshdesk tickets and map it against customer satisfaction, we discovered the discontent our mobile apps created amongst our customers.” This was a huge area for customer frustration with satisfaction scores around 33% but was hard to see previously without correctly tagged tickets to provide a strong overview of why your customers are calling.

Benefits of Freshdesk + Cx MOMENTS Partnership

With the Freshdesk platform as a powerful base to run customer support operations, Cx MOMENTS provides metrics and evidence that allow Rediker to resolve bottlenecks and bugs in their product. This allowed the support team to start the conversation with the development team by sharing real customer feedback and providing hard data points.

“Our development team took what we provided and used it to make course corrections in their product development roadmap.” These updates were then monitored in Freshdesk using Cx MOMENTS to measure the improvement in customer satisfaction and the volume of tickets coming in.

Freshworks and Cx MOMENTS working together gave Rediker’s tech support a seat at the decision-making table. Regular collaboration between John’s team in Tech Support and Product Development is the new normal with a full-time engineer working on feedback powered by Freshdesk and Cx MOMENTS.

The Freshdesk Solution

Freshdesk made a significant difference to the team at Rediker. The employees took to Freshdesk’s intuitive UI and embraced a better way of working. The new customer support platform made employees more efficient in responding to customer queries with clear ownership, SLAs and streamlined processes.

Rediker uses Freshdesk’s automation capabilities to streamline daily support tasks. The community forums make it easier for Rediker to broadcast information and create a platform for users to ask questions, seek help and share tips and tricks to get more out of the software.