South Africa

  • Inadequate social engagement
  • Flooded inboxes

About RegimA

RegimA Skin Treatments is a medically accepted and award-winning cosmetic brand manufactured exclusively for the use of doctors and skin care professionals. RegimA has cemented its position as a skin care leader in the world market with its unique, result-driven approach to skin treatment, restoration, rejuvenation and anti-aging.


Tackling social media as a support channel

Every modern business is expected to be present and accessible across social media. Though they had a cursory social presence, RegimA was unable to leverage it effectively to offer support or cultivate relationships. This meant that customers took the only other expected route - email - to reach the brand and have their queries answered. For RegimA, this meant constantly flooded email inboxes, no visibility into actionable feedback on their products and a widening chasm between agents and customers. The organization found itself limited by the lack of a coherent support system and chaotic workflows.


Streamlining support with Freshdesk

Things changed rapidly after Freshdesk was brought on board. Agents found the platform simple, intuitive and highly user-friendly. With its superior integrations, hyper-flexible customizations and easy configurations, the support team was brought on board with no complications or hassle. Freshdesk’s omnichannel platform helped RegimA organize and unify support conversations across channels and create better opportunities to provide their customers with quick, high-quality support.  


The Freshdesk advantage

Agents found tremendous benefit in Freshdesk’s real-time ticket notifications. Prior to Freshdesk, tickets and emails were slipping through the cracks without any form of active alerts. With notifications, agents were able to work in real-time and ensure that all customer conversations were answered with little to no delays. Freshdesk was also able to help the organization set up an effective knowledge base that was able to offset ticket volumes with the option of self-service. RegimA’s happier, more empowered agents, were able to directly impact the quality of service, and thereby facilitate higher customer satisfaction.


The next steps

RegimA is excited to explore how they can use the power of AI to simplify workflows and improve response times further. They are also looking forward to diving deep into features like grouping and rules to make the most of their engagement.

“(Freshdesk is) neat, simple and easy to use, the features are amazing. There's no other system I would want to use besides Freshdesk!”

Kayla Pretorius

System Administrator