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Christchurch, New Zealand

  • Difficulty in scaling
  • Using email was not efficient
  • Multi-product support
  • Community forums
  • Knowledge base

About Rockstar Recipes

Founded in 2003 by school friends Jon Coursey, David McKinnon and Mark Ling, Rockstar Recipes creates guitar and piano lessons and sells them online. Customers purchase the courses or sign up for a subscription and then download course material. The 2006 winners of the Champion Canterbury Award for Global Enterprise, Rockstar Recipes has been hailed as a model example of local business innovation and entrepreneurship.

How Things Used To Work

Rockstar Recipes has fluctuated in size over the years but now they have three full timers and a part timer on the job. With their focus on helping customers discover and rediscover the joy of music, Rockstar Recipes believes in an all-hands-on-deck approach to support.

They had a simple ticketing system in place initially, that handled all their emails but they quickly realized that this wasn’t helping them deliver the best customer experience possible.

“Setting up and Configuring even dedicated helpdesks for each of our products is super easy. If you need a way of helping customers help themselves as well as contact you for further assistance. Freshdesk gives you the tools to make this process quick and easy!”

Daniel Orr

Office Administrator

Rockstar Recipes

What changed with Freshdesk

Customers were mistaking auto responses for actual responses and any and all changes needed time as well as programming skills, neither of which was present in abundance. Knowing that they needed to do something to get their support on track, the team trialled Freshdesk and have been using it ever since. They freely admit that they’ve never been more happier with their support.

In their own words, "(Freshdesk was) super easy to setup and configure, with canned responses (quick replies) for each account and a dedicated help desk for each of our products, making it easier for customers to find answers."

The Freshdesk Experience

With Freshdesk, Rockstar Recipes has everything in one place. Their customers could now request help, search the knowledge base themselves, suggest improvements to the lessons and even read small tips and tricks from musicians to make the song just that bit more lovelier.

This is what Rockstar Recipes has always wanted - a one stop shop for everything Rockstar. But Freshdesk helped them take things a step further, with multi product support that lets Rockstar have multiple support email addresses for their different products. And with the Day Passes, Rockstar can indulge in their everybody-on-support policy that had served them so well all these years.

Could anything else have complimented them better? They don’t think so!