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Reduction in Avg. Resolution Time


Increase in adherence to SLA


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Saavn is the leading music & audio streaming service for Indians & South Asians with over 22 Million monthly active users globally. It is an ecosystem for entertainment and the cultural architect of the millennial generation, transforming how people around the world experience music and entertainment content on a daily basis.

Customer Support at Saavn

Esha Savla leads the Audience Experience team at Saavn. “As the only team at Saavn that speaks directly to customers, our responsibility is to act as their voice within the organisation. We identify the stated and unstated consumer requirements, and present meaningful insights to other teams to enhance the overall operations,” she says. The Audience Experience team works closely with other departments internally to translate consumer insights into actionable implementations and to prioritise feature requests, escalate bugs, and address customer issues. The team is divided between New York and India, giving 24/7 coverage to Saavn’s business.

Transition to Freshdesk

Saavn moved to Freshdesk from in April 2016. In just 12 months since the deployment, the music streaming platform has witnessed a tremendous improvement in key metrics such as First Call Resolution (FCR) and adherence to SLAs, as well as its ability to handle larger ticket volumes. With Freshdesk, Esha’s team at Saavn manages around 15,000 tickets every month – a number which exponentially exceeds the industry average of 600 tickets. Every customer conversation with Saavn is logged using the Freshdesk Portal.

“We use Freshdesk extensively to take stock of anything and everything the customer has to say about Saavn, including what they want from our product offerings. At the end of every week, reports are created for both Senior Management as well as individual teams so that we can stay on top of evolving customer needs. Automations enabled by Freshdesk have helped us significantly improve our operational efficiency.”

Esha Savla

Head of Audience Experience


The ability to categorise each query with relevant tags helps Saavn get a better picture of customer trends. This gives the team useful and relevant data for shaping its product roadmap and for streamlining workflows internally. Support agents in the Audience Experience team have become internal consultants at Saavn and make data-driven decisions based on customer data from Freshdesk. As Esha puts it, “Audience Experience is more than just customer support. It is about building trust and loyalty, and letting the customer know that we are here to provide the best-in-class products and services. We take that job seriously.”

Moving Beyond Just Customer Support

Having noticed the difference it can make, Esha and her team have extended the functionality of the Freshdesk tool to marketing and communications. With the Audience Experience team taking the ownership of putting the insights from Freshdesk into action, the overall impact on Saavn’s business has been significant. Esha picks the ability to send bulk emails from within the Freshdesk platform as one of her favourite features. She and her team “are very happy with the Freshdesk product, and are looking to tap into its full potential”.

The Audience Experience team is a very lean team and depends on Freshdesk automations, among various other capabilities enabled by the platform, to increase its operational efficiency. “Going forward, we want to take full advantage of Freshdesk’s capabilities and continue to be more agile,” concludes Esha.