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Everyone in an organization needs access to the right applications and tools at the right time to do their jobs. While making this happen, the enterprise also needs controls to ensure that critical information is only available to those authorized to use it. This is where Saviynt, a leader in the identity governance & administration space, steps in. Saviynt helps enterprises secure their data, apps, and infrastructure with a single cloud-hosted identity management platform, whether they are on the cloud (like Office 365 and Sharepoint) or on-premise (like SAP and Oracle EBS). 


“As a cloud-based company ourselves, we know the benefits of partnering with one”

Saviynt is the only cloud-based solution provider in the industry, making it popular with companies both small and large, from 2000 person companies to Fortune 500 clients like Shell and BP. These enterprises depend on Saviynt to manage access for a range of applications with varying degrees of urgency - covering anything from access to a simple employee portal to clearances for operating heavy equipment. Regardless of its complexity, enterprises know that they can count on Saviynt’s customer service team if they encounter any roadblocks along the way. 

As Saviynt continued to grow and larger customers began to come on board, it wanted to bring more structure to its customer service team by replacing shared email inboxes with a more streamlined solution. Much like its own products, Saviynt believed in the powers of the cloud - intuitive, scalable and self-managed. Thus began its journey with the Freshworks customer service platform.                       

“Our portal has single-handedly streamlined customer service”

Saviynt implemented Freshdesk for its 100-member customer service located across Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Bangalore.
When we spoke to Nikhil Gupta, Operations Manager, he told us that the first order of business after implementing Freshdesk was to make customer service easier and quicker to access for their global customer. Saviynt has come up trumps by setting up its customer-facing portal with Freshdesk. The portal serves as a one-stop solution for everything a customer needs for quality support, including:

  • Self-service: Customers looking for help have the option of quickly fixing their issues by themselves. With Freshdesk’s out-of-the-box integrations, Saviynt has integrated its portal with Confluence for comprehensive and valuable documentation on its products. 
  • Customer forum: Who can understand product experiences, expectations, and problems better than its users? By launching community forums, Saviynt has created a thriving community of customers who engage to share ideas and share ideas and advice for getting the most out of the Saviynt platform. 
  • Raising and tracking queries: When customers face issues that are too complex for self-service, they can raise a ticket in a few simple clicks from the portal. With Freshdesk’s business rules, queries are categorized and directed to the right teams automatically. This means that the right agent is on-hand to solve the query quickly and effectively, improving response and resolution times. Supervisors also save time because they don't have to assign tickets manually. 
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Customers are thrilled with the simplified customer service process. With Freshdesk’s help, support teams continue to work hard behind the scenes to elevate it even more. Teams use Freshdesk’s reporting & analytics extensively to understand the volumes and types of queries they are receiving and how effectively they are being tackled. Teams also use dashboards for insights at a glance on ticket statuses to proactively engage with critical customers or support queries.

Saviynt has also begun their journey with Freshworks’ call-center on the cloud, (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center)), for customers who prefer speaking on the phone. With (Freshcaller (now Freshdesk Contact Center))’s advanced inbound routing engine, no call is missed, even when they are made outside of working hours. 


“We count on Freshworks for our internal processes as well”

Nikhil’s operations team also relies on Freshdesk for all internal monitoring controls. When business-critical infrastructure goes down, internal systems automatically raise an alert in Freshdesk using the APIs. These are then diligently monitored and resolved by the Ops team. The team also has a built-in escalation framework on Freshdesk, so that issues are resolved as fast as possible and there are no downtimes for customers. 


This partnership of the two cloud-based industry experts is one made in heaven.