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  • Delayed support requests
  • No effective tracking method
  • Multi-channel support
  • Knowledge base
  • Ease of use
  • Zero learning curve

About SB Wire

In 2005, Daniel Jones, a public relations veteran, found himself thinking about how di icult it was for small businesses to connect with journalists. With his experience of operating several online news services in the past, he founded SB Wire to provide small and medium-sized businesses with an a ordable public relations mechanism.

Today, SB Wire has grown to provide online public relations tools and services to thousands of small to medium-sized businesses located in over 120 di erent countries.

How Things Used To Work

Before Freshdesk, SB Wire used its own internal email system for support ,along with several custom web applications, which resulted in a large amount of ‘lost’ or delayed support requests. This was mainly because there was no effective tracking method. Additionally, support was provided in multiple locations (email, Facebook, Twitter), often causing duplication with different support agents.

They realized that this inefficient process needed to change and sat down to come up with a list of requirements. Armed with a checklist, SB Wire set out on the search for a partner to help it make customer support history.

The Customer Support Challenge

SB Wire’s requirements when looking for a support service were ease of use for the clients, an integrated knowledge base and easy ticket management for their support staff. They didn’t want to spend a lot of time training their agents. But most of all, they wanted a support solution they could trust. They wanted to know that their support was in good hands, so that they could go back to what they did best - running their business.

“Freshdesk has made our goal of providing world class support to our small business customers a reality. Our support team has never been happier”

Daniel Jones

Founder & CEO

SB Wire

The Freshdesk Experience

Since Freshdesk, SB Wire found out that ticket resolution time has gone down by almost 50 %. SB Wire loves how effortlessly Freshdesk is able to route support requests from multiple sources into one place and how easy ticket management has become.

Their favorite feature is the single sign-on, because of which they don’t have to remember yet another username and password.

Daniel particularly likes the pricing model which doesn’t have a bunch of upgrade options that they have to pay for. With Freshdesk, SB Wire has increased their support process’s efficiency tremendously and in turn, the customer satisfaction numbers. Their agents and customers have never been happier !