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  • Long downtimes
  • Inefficient processes
  • Inability to scale up
  • Automations and SLAs
  • Open Integrations

Tickets per month


Number of agents


Average First Response Time

7 hrs

The Company

Scandinavian Design Center is a retailer specializing in interior home decor. They were founded in 2002. With designs based on the principles of minimalism and functionality, SDC provides customers from 70 countries around the world with easy access to top quality products online. They also represent new and upcoming designers to ensure that their product catalog always has fresh and unique products available. SDC has taken steps to ensure that products are delivered to their customers within a week of placing the order.

Their SDC team meets with top specialists of various fields periodically to ensure product quality levels are consistently high. Operational efficiency is monitored daily and SDC consults with multiple experts to help them sustain their high performance levels. To ensure customer profile safety and to safeguard transaction information, the website is built to meet the highest security standards.

The Problem

In May 2013, SDC was using a Citrix solution with MS Office and MS Dynamics NAV. The Support department received and handled all tickets through email using MS Outlook in combination with Exchange server and Citrix Desktop.

However, agents were not able to operate efficiently due to the software’s complicated design. More tickets became overdue and, as time progressed, the overdue tickets started piling up. Citrix’s frequent downtimes also affected SDC’s ability to serve customers. The overall process of managing and responding to tickets had become too cumbersome due to the large number of software solutions used merely to register, sort, and track the problems.

While SDC’s market share increased and it expanded into new markets, it had to face a growing number of tickets each day.

The Solution

With customer satisfaction steadily decreasing, the company’s ability to achieve its objectives was at risk. So, SDC switched over to Google Apps for their business since the cloud-based software suite made collaboration while working easier. SDC then looked to revamp their support. They sought a support solution that provided the same level of superior experience that Google Apps provided and asked their business partner, Longbay AB, to help them find the right solution. When they discovered Freshdesk, they realized they had found a SaaS product that fit their requirements perfectly.

SDC found setting up support with Freshdesk to be quick and easy. They simply had to open their web browser. Freshdesk’s ability to integrate easily with Google Apps was a major plus, allowing them to transition from Citrix and MS Office with minimal effort. The team also found that supporting customers in 70 different countries was easier with Freshdesk thanks to its ability to support multiple languages.

The cloud-based model supported by both Google Apps and Freshdesk has made it possible for SDC to get new features and updates automatically without having to take any action. And they found that the Google Apps-Freshdesk combination was very stable with almost no downtime - total outages totaled less than 1 hour in over a year. SDC also found Freshdesk a lot more economical since billing was based on their usage.

“Freshdesk was very easy to setup and learn. There has been a huge increase in efficiency among agents after it was implemented.”

Jörgen Bödmar

Founder & CEO

Scandinavian Design Center

The Benefits

SDC’s agents were initially apprehensive about switching over to a new system as it meant relearning how the support solution worked, setting up all the integrations and making changes to their workflow. But Freshdesk’s minimal UI meant agents were able to adapt easily and were up and running in a few days. With the system able to automatically assign tickets based on agents’ expertise, helpdesk efficiency also improved considerably.

Since SDC operates in multiple countries, there was a distinct need to keep service times short. With Freshdesk’s SLA tracking across business hours and time zones, sorting tickets with respect to geographic location helped them resolve tickets on time, even if those tickets originated halfway around the world.

SDC is now focusing on streamlining its processes and with Freshdesk in place, they expect to maintain SLAs of under 12 Hours.

Response time

Dropped from 15 Hours to 7 Hours

Number of tickets resolved

Improved from 1727 to 2557 tickets

Tickets resolved on time

Improvement of 20% in 8 months