• Difficult multi-product support
  • Unintuitive forums
  • Poor user experience
  • Multiple product support
  • Community forums
  • Ticket filters and views

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The Company

Launched in 2010, SilverWiz was the brainchild of Iliya Yordanov and three other founders. Iliya sold Cramzy, his previous company to start SilverWiz with an aim to simplify finance applications. MoneyWiz is SilverWiz’s flagship product.

MoneyWiz helps people manage finances easily and effortlessly on Google Android, iOS and Mac. Supporting 20 different languages, MoneyWiz reaches hundreds of thousands of users across the world and is one of the top 10 finance applications in the U.S App Store

Besides MoneyWiz, SilverWiz is also behind the app, MileWiz that helps people with IRS mileage logs. Users of the app can quickly leverage the records it creates to claim tax deductions. SYNCbits, the third product from SilverWiz, is a technology that allows app developers to seamlessly sync data and other files over the cloud. This was primarily used by developers within SilverWiz for building MoneyWiz and MileWiz, but is now available for third party developers considering its popularity and usefulness.

The Problem

Managing 3 different products, SilverWiz receives questions from over 150,000 users worldwide primarily over email, Twitter and Facebook.

Zendesk, their previous help desk, made supporting multiple products a hassle. The SilverWiz team had to go back and forth with the Zendesk Support Team to add or remove agents for different products in their help desk. Even though Zendesk promised to provide seamless multi-product support, managing tickets and issues coming in from users of three different applications was complicated and daunting.

The SilverWiz team also regularly engaged in discussions with their customers through community forums. Users often took to the forums to request new features or report bugs, but Zendesk’s unusual interface made it impossible for agents to track and follow threads that had more than a handful of customers participating.

The Solution

The company wanted to provide distinguished attention for each of its applications without all the hard work involved in streamlining questions coming in from all directions. They began the search for a customer support system that would provide an effortless way to deal with multiple products in one place, and also have forums to accommodate active user discussions.

The team stumbled upon Freshdesk through their research online. With over 100,000 tickets on Zendesk, they chose to maintain both the help desks simultaneously to avoid confusion before moving completely to Freshdesk. Setting up Freshdesk was straight forward and easy, according to Iliya, and therefore, the migration process wasn’t time consuming.

Freshdesk’s robust multi-product support allowed SilverWiz to have a dedicated support portal for each of their products without having to create separate accounts to manage them. This made them switch over to Freshdesk.

“As a product manager, it’s great to have a single place like the Freshdesk forums where I can see what people actually want from our products and tell our users what’s in store for them.”

Iliya Yordanov



The Benefits

Once SilverWiz shifted to Freshdesk, the team started increasing agent productivity by leaps and bounds as the support was now structured and streamlined into a single platform.

Multiple product support was made no longer challenging as Freshdesk allowed agents to support several apps from a single helpdesk. Agents were able to work on product specific tickets by filtering them instantly in the Tickets page. Freshdesk also allowed them to save their filters as views so they can load it every morning when they walk in to work. With Zendesk, the agents had to go to the “Settings” page every time they wanted to filter tickets, which was quite unintuitive.

Forums on Freshdesk soon turned out to be a favourite among agents and customers since it was a breeze to post questions and follow discussions. SilverWiz used two categories in their community forums: one for feature requests and bug reports.

Earlier, SilverWiz’s agents used to get in touch with customers personally to discuss about their feature requests. Now they get their customers to post their ideas on forums, where other users can see and vote on them. The most sought after features usually bubble to the top, based on which the team decides to include them in the roadmap. Having an engaged user community, thanks to Freshdesk, has really helped SilverWiz in shaping the future of the products and the company.