• Multichannel support
  • Recording phone calls
  • Context about customers
  • IVR Setup
  • Call recording
  • Centralized ticketing
  • Detailed reports

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The Company

SmartBuyGlasses is one of the world’s largest designer eyewear e-commerce companies and operates over 30 local websites in over 15 languages around the world. SmartBuyGlasses sells the world’s best brands for sunglasses, eyeglasses and contact lenses. SmartBuyGlasses provide 3D Try-on augmented reality software to allow its customers to try-on their favorite brands in the leisure and comfort of their own homes.

SmartBuyGlasses has 7 operations centers in Asia, Europe, Australia and the U.S. from which it services customers in over 100 countries globally. SmartBuyGlasses has a customer service team of approximately 50 agents based in Shanghai, the Philippines and Europe. Through its proprietary global technology and supply chain platform, SmartBuyGlasses is focused on providing a seamless experience for its customers.

The Problem

SmartBuyGlasses receives over 60,000 questions from customers every month. These questions come by email, phone, live chat,and social media in many different countries and languages. Their previous helpdesk system, was unable to integrate all customer channels and tickets into one platform, and SmartBuyGlasses had to use local landlines to provide phone service.

The legacy system’s limitations made it difficult for agents to properly look up previous conversations with customers from different channels. Further, using a traditional phone system, SmartBuyGlasses was unable to record calls and note discussions for future reference.

The Solution

The company decided to move to a stable, scalable platform that can consolidate tickets from social media, phone, live chat and emails in a single platform and allow customers to be properly managed from multiple offices around the world. They considered Zendesk, Freshdesk and, and ended up selecting Freshdesk because the platform allowed them to merge tickets across multiple channels (social media, phone, email and chat) without any hassle. That the Freshdesk Support team was willing to understand their specific needs and work with SmartBuyGlasses to make important customizations to the software made it an easier choice for them.

“In just 5 minutes you’re done with everything. Actually, I was quite impressed by how fast we could switch phone numbers with Freshdesk!”

Daisy Wei

Customer Service Department Manager


The Benefits

For SmartBuyGlasses, it took just two weeks to completely get rid of their old system of landlines and move on to Freshdesk’s phone channel. The team was impressed with how purchasing new numbers and uploading voice messages to IVR didn’t take more than a few minutes.

With Freshdesk, agents now have access to customers’ emails, live chat conversations and social media messages in a single system. With just a click, they can record calls, add tickets to conversations and merge them with issues being reported in other channels. Before Freshdesk, agents had to go on a hunt for paper notes or look through Excel sheets to refer to calls from the past, now they can just playback recordings to get more context from past conversations directly from Freshdesk.

With the company receiving over a thousand phone calls and close to 600 chats every week, Freshdesk has not just made an impact in improving the team’s productivity and effectiveness, but has also helped the company save over $2,000 every month versus other software alternatives.