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  • Inability to make data-backed decisions
  • Lack of KPIs to measure support efforts 
  • Dashboards
  • Automation rules
  • Canned responses
  • Team huddle

First response SLAs


About Squaretalk

Squaretalk is a cloud-based communication platform deploying contact center operations worldwide. The organization leverages AI to optimize support and enhance productivity. Squaretalk has a global presence with offices in Israel, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.  

Elevating customer support with data-backed insights

Squaretalk wanted to unleash the power of data to deliver better customer support and enhance agent productivity. Nawaf Helou, Director of Customer Experience, was on the lookout for a helpdesk solution that could track the right KPIs to ensure that Squaretalk’s customer service efforts were on the right path. He also wanted to leverage agent performance and customer data meaningfully to help him:

  • make data-backed staffing decisions
  • automate routine queries
  • identify trends to enhance product experiences
  • find long term solutions for common queries
  • establish accurate resolution SLAs 

Nawaf explained, “Using data to manage and document issues not only helps improve support but also internally directs attention to problems that need to be solved.”  Squaretalk’s legacy solution proved ineffective due to its inflexible workflows and lack of comprehensive reporting features. This led Nawaf to Freshdesk. With its powerful, yet intuitive interface, Nawaf found a winner.  

Changing the game with Freshworks

Squaretalk deployed Freshdesk to improve inter-functional collaboration to offer cohesive, context-enriched customer support. The organization also deployed live-chat as a channel of real-time engagement for their customers using Freshchat. Freshdesk’s intuitive and effortless usability made the switch easy for internal team and seamless for customers.

Squaretalk now has around 55 agents on the Freshworks platform across Isreal and Bulgaria, with the numbers set to grow. 

Delivering moments of wow

Nawaf has found exceptional value in Freshdesk’s comprehensive and customizable dashboards.  He said, “You can’t imagine how much time Freshdesks’ dashboards have saved me. At a glance, I see who my best team player is, who my most valuable player is, what our SLAs are, how many tickets I have waiting in the queue - all from a single dashboard.” 

Most importantly, Nawaf now leverages this data to elevate support and delight customers by going the extra mile. He leverages automations to:

  • resolve queries faster by modifying SLAs based on agent capabilities 
  • ensure that every customer query is addressed with intelligent assignment rules 
  • automatically escalate select customer conversations

The team also capitalizes on other automations, efficiency features like canned forms and collaboration features like team-huddle to build efficient workflows and deliver impactful experiences to both their customers and their agents. 

“Freshdesk provides what is really needed to solve issues on a daily basis.”

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Nawaf Helou

Director of Customer Experience


Leveraging the Squaretalk+Freshdesk integration

The Squaretalk and Freshdesk integration has enabled the consolidation of customer communications onto a single screen, with a seamless flow of context. Queries coming in through the Squaretalk contact center are automatically converted into Freshdesk tickets with a recording of the conversation. This helps agents tailor their responses to offer the best possible resolution and interact with empathy. It also allows supervisors to monitor and coach their teams.

The integration also helps identify common queries and set up intelligent automations to guide customers to the right knowledge resources. 

The Future with Freshworks 

Squaretalk has successfully transitioned its marketing team from its legacy chat solution to Freshchat and is excited to explore its features to the fullest potential. The organization is also exploring a Freshping integration to monitor downtimes. Squaretalk is also looking at how Freshservice can help manager server inventory better.