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About Stratoscale

Stratoscale delivers a software-defined platform that enables true IaaS, PaaS and CaaS in data centers and edge locations. The organization also delivers a suite of managed open source platforms for developers to accelerate application development and delivery. By offering public cloud APIs, Stratoscale enables multi-cloud and hybrid applications and supports advanced DevOps and Infrastructure-as-Code in enterprise environments.


Winning with a modern SaaS-based solution

As Stratoscale’s growth and customer base took form, the need arose for an effective helpdesk solution that scaled as the organization did. With this in mind, Ami Zvieli, Director of Technical Support & Customer Success embarked on a search for the right support partner. With his role spanning the entire customer life cycle - from deployment, planning, installation and configuration to onboarding, success and expansions - Ami was clear in what he expected from his helpdesk.

“Since we started the company, we have felt the need to scale and react to changes in the field and the customer environment fast. We have to be accessible across all modern channels while ensuring that there are no issues with agent availability”

Ami Zvieli

Director of Technical Support & Customer Success


He was on the lookout for a SaaS-based solution which effectively integrated with other applications at the back and front-end using APIs. However, he was most particular about its ability to serve as a trusted support framework for both customers and agents, while delivering a consistently good experience that didn’t require extensive investments in usage-training. Freshdesk was evaluated against two peers and selected on the basis of a feature-parity analysis, a one-month trial of Sandbox, and an assessment of the quality and availability of round-the-clock technical support.


Bringing a scalable, intuitive helpdesk on board

Stratoscale was committed to creating a support environment where customers were not only engaged, but also had trust in the process without turning to more traditional, non-scalable contact-center conversations. The organization also wanted to deliver a platform that felt intuitive and native to its agents. Since Freshdesk came on board 4 years ago, Stratoscale has managed to establish just that. Freshdesk’s modern and easy-to-use interface was rolled out to 30 Stratoscale agents across the United States, Canada, Singapore and Israel without any infrastructural hand-holding. With its quick and easy deployability and ability to integrate with the widest range of external tools, Freshdesk rarely felt anything but native.


Life after Freshdesk

Stratoscale’s customer support encompasses their contact-center (calls), support email and the support portal. Increased portal usage since Freshdesk’s deployment stands testimony to its ability to engage and address customer queries effectively. Stratoscale’s agents also leverage Freshdesk’s features with ease to enhance their productivity, direct their attention to their core competencies and delight customers. Tools like Dispatch’r, Observer, and webhooks allow agents and admins to set rules, create and manage seamless and effective workflows.

“Freshdesk has met both customer and management expectations, and is facilitating more and more innovation with its high integrability.”

From a management perspective, Freshdesk gave the organization the confidence of scalability. With a clear view of key metrics and reports, Ami has found tremendous success in making informed and intelligent business decisions. The organization has also found a way to tap into customer reactions immediately with the option of measuring satisfaction levels with icons, and constantly tailor their approach based on their findings.


Looking ahead

As Stratoscale ramps up for large scale deployments with thousands of end users, Ami is cognizant of the training and response expectations it will entail. With this in mind, the organization looks forward to building comprehensive self-service capabilities with automations, chatbots and an effective knowledge base.

“Freshdesk is definitely state of the art in terms of features and stability. I also appreciate the technical support team which is very responsive, knowledgeable, and always gives meaningful answers. In fact, Freshdesk itself is a good example of what a technical support organization should look like.”