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Providing over a million mailboxes for South African businesses, SYNAQ is a company of tech geeks who love building all kinds of email communication and collaboration services—and using them in clever ways to grow businesses. Their three main services include Email Branding, Cloud Mail and Email Security among their other services. SYNAQ’s claim to fame is how they can flexibly adapt technologies to their customers unique business processes. Combine this with top-tier local customer service, along with a “pay for what you use” philosophy, and their value for money is honestly hard to beat.

Migrating Customer Support from Kayako to Freshdesk

SYNAQ originally utilised Kayako before moving to the Freshdesk service. Floyd Derry, Technical Operations Manager at SYNAQ says, “we were using Kayako at the time, but were investigating other alternatives that would allow us to move to the Cloud, like; Zendesk, SalesForce as well as HelpScout, however, we didn’t go forward with any of them.”

The reason Freshdesk was looked at as an ideal solution is, “it appeared to be a good product with a competitive price point. In addition, the functionality was very user-friendly and it allowed us the ability to integrate with our CRM to get a single view of our clients”, says Floyd. The result of going with Freshdesk has ensured that the Support Team’s resolution SLA’s have resulted in an all time high of 99%.

“Kayako on the other hand, did not provide a single view of our Clients and their related information. As such, we wanted something that would allow us to be more streamlined when dealing with our customers”, continues Floyd. On implementation of Freshdesk, Floyd adds, “The implementation was very successful and occurred smoothly..”

Customer support at SYNAQ

SYNAQ has 8 people in their Support Team, including their Team Lead. Others include 5 first tier engineers, who do all first line troubleshooting and deal mostly with the tickets. Then there are 2 second tier engineers who are responsible for escalations and customer installs.

On how they use Freshdesk, Floyd added “basically we allow customers to either log tickets via the portal, phone in and log a call with us or to send an email. And then from there, it gets automatically assigned to an engineer and they work on the ticket.” The team at SYNAQ also find it easier to track and manage all incoming tickets, when a large influx of tickets is received. Floyd adds, “I like the reporting features and the way you are able to customize a lot of the rule sets, like the Dispatcher, Supervisor, and Observer rules. It has also made it very easy for us to automate our ticket management capabilities as well.”

Bruno Cutrupi, the Customer Support Team Lead adds, “From my side, I too enjoy the reporting capabilities and the simplicity of using the platform, as it is very straightforward. Because of this, you actually do not need someone with a high technical ability to understand and use the system. I also like the canned response feature and the fact that you can include attachments in them”

When asked what the Customer Support Team think about the product, Floyd adds, ”they like it a lot because the product is very flexible and new ideas that they come up with can be easily and swiftly implemented. As a whole though, they all love it.”

“When I first took over the Support Team, our ability to do first responses and resolve tickets was not at the desired level. Using Freshdesk has allowed us to improve our customer service, as our overall customer communication regularity and effectiveness with our clients has increased. In addition, our first response and resolutions stats have vastly improved, resulting in an average first response standard of 97%, whilst resolution time for tickets has been reduced to 13 hours”

floyd derry
Floyd Derry

Technical Operations Manage


Business impact with Freshdesk

Reporting has also proved to be a crucial element for the Support Team, “the three reports that we use most often are: helpdesk indepth, agent performance, and performance distribution. These reports are useful as they break down the elements of tickets in such a way that we can conduct meaningful conversations with our engineers and point out key areas of improvement, which is great.”

“Another feature we have benefitted from by using Freshdesk, is the ability for engineers to customise their queues so that if any new activity occurs on a ticket, it moves to the top of the queue. This allows our engineers to be more responsive, thus improving the service we provide to our Clients. Overall, we have found that using Freshdesk has resulted in several Support Desk improvements and has made our engineers’ lives easier”, concludes Floyd.