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  • Lack of visibility into customer requests
  • Low agent productivity
  • Lack of customer service reporting and insights
  • Higher CSAT
  • Higher agent productivity
  • Actionable customer insights

SLA Adherence


About SysMech

SysMech offers an end-to-end network analytics solution that leading telecom companies use to gain actionable insights from their data. Used by tier 1 operators across the globe, the software utilizes the network, customer and external data streams to provide operators with a complete end-to-end view of their network and services.

Getting Enterprise Customer Service Right

When Garry Wise joined SysMech as the Head of Customer Support for their flagship product Zen, an advanced network management software that has become a staple at leading telcos, he realized that SysMech’s existing approach to customer service was old-fashioned and manual. This email-based approach, where agents had to assign themselves queries manually resulted in wasted time and efforts, especially when multiple agents ended up accidentally working on the same customer. This was not suitable for a company of SysMech’s scale, serving 1000+ enterprise users across the globe. SysMech needed a tool that could help tackle issues unique to B2B high-tech companies, such as

  • Complex and highly technical customer queries that need multiple agents and teams to collaborate for resolution
  • Strict SLA management that is often a part of customer contracts, and can make the difference in retaining or losing strategic accounts
  • A real-time channel between product/engineering teams and customer support for fixing bugs identified by customers, change/release management and downtime management

Garry soon realized that their legacy email-based support system wouldn’t be able to cope with these challenges and started looking for a quick solution that could streamline all customer communications. After evaluating multiple options, Garry went ahead with Freshdesk and implemented it for the entire team, all within just a month of taking up this role at SysMech.

“We had an old-fashioned and manual approach towards customer service that I was looking to transform”

garry garry
Garry Wise

Head of Customer Support


Peace of mind with Freshdesk

With Freshdesk, SysMech now has complete visibility across the ticket lifecycle and can gauge customer satisfaction accurately. SysMech has been able to create ticket categories and route tickets to the appropriate agents in real-time. Customers usually reach out to SysMech for faults and bugs related to the product, or for change requests. By integrating Freshdesk with Jira, the product team is able to get insights and feedback through ticket notes into Jira, allowing them to make product enhancements.

Freshdesk has also fostered increased collaboration at SysMech. Using Private Notes, agents are able to get additional information on customer tickets from multiple stakeholders, allowing them to resolve tickets faster and with greater empathy. The Freshdesk mobile app has allowed agents to respond to customer queries in real-time from anywhere. Using the built-in templates, SysMech is able to proactively communicate with users about any foreseeable issues, thereby reducing dissatisfaction and boosting SLA adherence.

SysMech also uses Freshdesk’s reporting capabilities extensively for getting insights on their customer service. The detailed and responsive reporting within Freshdesk enables weekly and monthly support reviews with SysMech's customers to be interactive and provides in-depth information to questions that are raised during the reviews without the need for follow up meetings.

Overall, Freshdesk has been able to provide peace of mind to not just Garry and his team, but also to SysMech’s end users by offering

  • Automatically routing tickets to the right agents
  • Seamless collaboration between teams
  • Proactive and anywhere support management

“Freshdesk has been key in helping us achieve our SLA targets and providing an excellent service to our customers”

Garry Wise