New Zealand

  • Disconnected help desk software
  • Inadequate visibility into ticket status
  • Slow, cumbersome reporting
  • Automated ticket routing and notifications
  • Dashboard visibility
  • Easy-to-use reporting

Average No. of tickets resolved

1k per month

Average First Response Time

32 mins

Ticket Resolution SLA

Above 90%

About Teletrac Navman

When your business depends on getting the most from a fleet of vehicles and drivers, you want full insight into those assets to maximize revenues while reducing expenses. No wonder over 40,000 organizations on 6 continents rely on Teletrac Navman to help them track more than 500,000 vehicles. This global leader’s cloud-based GPS fleet tracking software equips businesses with advanced data tools accessible via a powerful, user-friendly platform so they can boost their bottom lines and their competitive edge. Because its customers rely heavily on this fleet management software, Teletrac Navman provides sophisticated, multi-tier support to ensure they get the most out of its solutions.

enterprise support team

From left to right: Enterprise Support Engineers - Josh Akiho, Neil Oporto and Wilmar Ancajas.

By upgrading Teletrac Navman from disconnected systems to Freshdesk, Garth Cloete, Enterprise Support Manager at Teletrac Navman, equipped the support team to succeed. Specifically, he made it possible to gain visibility and enable better collaboration across in-house and outsourced support teams, and to improve the quality of reports delivered to customers. Perhaps nothing illustrates the impact better than how Freshdesk empowered Teletrac Navman to better support one of its largest customers.

Challenge: Siloed Systems Fall Short

When Teletrac Navman won the business of a fast-food chain with a global presence, it needed to support hundreds of end users using about 17,000 GPS devices across numerous countries. This included Australia, Japan, and Germany, to name a few. A multi-tiered support team consisting of both insourced and outsource resources was put in place to rapidly address the customer’s needs across time zones. In addition to tier-1 and tier-2 support specialists who diagnose and troubleshoot from support centers, Teletrac Navman serves its customer with on-the-ground, tier-3 contractors capable of repairing equipment.

While the customer could phone in tickets, it mainly chose to submit issues via email, which the support team had to manually enter and route. Teletrac Navman’s in-house support team relied on a cloud-based CRM system and the outsourced team used an open source ticketing system to track issues. Because of how the CRM system was hosted, it was difficult – if not impossible – for outsourced tier-1 support teams to access it. Moreover, since the system wasn’t designed specifically for support, tier-1 specialists were forced to email tier-2 members for the status of cases. In addition, it took 6-8 hours per week for Teletrac Navman‘s support team to gather, collate, and report on data. As a result, Garth and the customer did not always have a timely view into ticket volume and how well support was satisfying SLA requirements.

As Garth says, “Full visibility into help desk tickets is essential to ensure the highest levels of productivity and customer satisfaction. Yet that’s impossible to achieve when you’re relying on systems that are disconnected and not purpose-built for this specific support flow process.”

Solution: Freshdesk Stands Apart

To ensure a smooth help desk process for all involved, Garth began researching options. Upon evaluating four tools, he found that Freshdesk came out on top.

“Freshdesk’s sophisticated yet easy-to-use ticketing and reporting capabilities stood apart,” he says. After a simple, user-friendly implementation process, the seven help desks supporting this key customer were soon up and running.

Enabling an Advanced Help Desk

All support emails are routed to Freshdesk, where the platform automatically creates a ticket and then routes it to the appropriate help desk. “When we miss SLAs, we incur financial penalties so automated ticket routing is incredibly value,” explains Garth.

Simply by logging in, all support members have access to the full Freshdesk platform, allowing everyone to better manage their workloads and view all cases. “No matter who the customer contacts, our support team can instantly pull up all details of a case,” continues Garth.

Agents can view tickets to ensure they are meeting their SLAs. At the same time, Garth simply opens a dashboard to see the status of all tickets and in minutes understand areas of concern by agents, countries, help desk, and more. He can even monitor the status of tickets that get escalated, including those being handled by outsourced support agents. “I keep this dashboard open all day to monitor how well we’re hitting our key metrics,” he says.

With the click of a button, Garth can also generate any needed reports, such as ones showing help ticket lifecycle, help desk volume, and overall group performance.

“With Freshdesk, we all can easily access the information we need to know where to focus and deliver top-notch customer support.”

garth cloete
Garth Cloete

Enterprise Support Manager

Teletrac Navman

Delivering Measurably Better Support

Under the prior setup, if Teletrac Navman’s customer claimed the company had missed an SLA, it was their word against the support team’s. “It was incredibly time-consuming and challenging to try to piece together all the data contained in disparate systems,” Garth explains.

Now Garth and the support team can track the entire lifecycle of each ticket, including all communications and actions taken against it. Support agents get notified when tickets and SLAs are due or overdue – something that was impossible to determine with the prior setup. Moreover, they can send all that information to the customer with the click of a button. “The visibility empowers all our agents to do their best. Our customer now sees our support team as being very efficient and productive,” continues Garth.

Since implementing Freshdesk, Teletrac Navman has noticed a steady rise in the number of tickets being resolved month over month, with average ticket resolution percentages reaching the high 90s. Average first response times have also greatly improved. Within months of using Freshdesk, Teletrac Navman’s average first response time was just under 32 minutes, well below the 10-hour industry standard for other businesses its size. Simultaneously, its ticket resolution SLA was above the industry benchmark.

“Freshdesk makes it possible for our support agents to do their jobs well, for our management to keep their finger on the pulse of support, and for our customers to get the support they expect. It’s a win-win situation all around,” concludes Garth.